Alex Potocean

ALEX POTOCREAN  studied Ion Cojar’s method acting under Ion Cojar and Mircea Gheorghiu at National University of Theatre and Film from Bucharest, where he won the award for Best Supporting Actor with his performance of Kevin in Simon Stephens’ “Port”. Recently Alex finished his shooting for a film – BLANA directed by Tudor Botezatu. In 2016 he stars for a film called BY THE RAILS, directed by Catalin Mitulescu and for a film called BY PASS, directed by Nap Toader. In 2015  Alex plays for a film called NOBODY IN THIS WORLD, directed by Andreea Valean and for a film called SCOR ALB/TIE,  directed by Marius Olteanu. In 2013 he stars for a short movie, called SUNDAY, directed by Sinziana Nicola.

Alex Potocrean is native in Romanian, and fluent in English and French. 


BLANA, directed by Tudor Botezatu 2016

BY THE RAILS, directed by Catalin Mitulescu 2016

BY PASSdirected by Nap Toader 2016

SCOR ALB/TIE,  directed by Marius Olteanu 2015