Angelique Cavallari

ANGELIQUE CAVALLARI is a very talented bilingual (French & Italian) actress who stars for many art house movies and became a kind of a muse for several painters and directors. In 2015 she stars for the feature film MANCANZA-PURGATORIO directed by Stefano Odoardi. In 2014 she stars for the feature film MANCANZA-INFERNO/ LACK HELL directed by Stefano Odoardi, for for the feature film TALES OF A SOLITARY WALKER directed by Paolo Gaudio and for LA PLUIE/ THE RAIN directed by Stefano Odoardi. Recently she finished the shooting for the feature film SEGUIMI/ FOLLOW ME, directed by Claudio Sestieri.

Angelique is native Italian/ French and speaks English fluently. AngeliqueNeu
SEGUIMI/ FOLLOW ME, directed by Claudio Sestieri 2016
THOSE HAPPY YEARS (“Anni Felici”) directed by Daniele Luchetti where she stars opposite Kim Rossi Stewart & German superstar Martina Gedeck which had its world premiere at Toronto International Film Festival 2013
MANCANZA-INFERNO (“Lack-Hell”) is the first part of a trilogy (Heaven, Purgatory & Hell) directed by Stefano Odoardi Angelique stars for which had its world premier at 43°International Film Festival RotterdamBildschirmfoto-2014-04-24-um-15.48.22
directed by Paola Licata, which she also stars for in 2011…