Darya Ekamasova

Darya Ekamasova is a Russian theatre and film actress. After her education at Russian University of Theatre Arts in Moscow, she appeared in a couple of Russian movies and TV-mini-series. Darya’s breakthrough movie, however, was ZHILA-BYLA ODNA BABA/ONCE THERE LIVED A SIMPLE WOMAN, directed by Andrey Smirnov (2011), for which she received several awards for Best Actress. Darya is also known for her roles in NEBESNYE ZHENY LUGOVYKH MARI/CELESTIAL WIVES OF THE MEADOW MARI, directed by Aleksey Fedorchenko (2012) and THE FOURTH DIMENSION (2012), which is composed of three segments all created by different directors – Darya appearing in the segment “Chronoeye“, also directed by Aleksey Fedorchenko. She further stars in ANGELY REVOLUTSII/ANGELS OF REVOLUTION (2014), again directed by Aleksey Fedorchenko, and STRANA OZ/LAND OF OZ (2015), directed by Vasiliy Sigarev. Darya’s latest projects include ALINA (2016), directed by Ben Barenholtz, to be released in 2017, and GRAFOMAFIYA/HACKS (2015), directed by Vladimir Zaykin, which is still in post-production. She currently resides in Moscow. 

Darya is native Russian and speaks English fluently.

 (includes scenes from ONCE THERE LIVED A SIMPLE WOMAN)

ALINA, directed by Ben Barenholtz, 2016 (teaser)

LAND OF OZ, Vasiliy Sigarev 2015 (trailer)

ANGELS OF REVOLUTION, directed by Aleksey Fedorchenko 2014 (trailer)

CELESTIAL WIVES OF THE MEADOW MARIdirected by Aleksey Fedorchenko 2012 (teaser)

THE FOURTH DIMENSION, directed by Aleksey Fedorchenko 2012 (movie still)