Dominik Wojcik


DOMINIK WOJCIK, is a French/Polish actor, model, professional photographer and director of fashion videos. After 7 years of modelling in Paris, Milan, NY, London etc., he shot a couple of commercials and music videos and moved to Berlin and in 2016 to Cologne.


He stars for ATOMIC AGE, a French cinema movie directed by Héléna Klotz, which was awarded at the 62th Berlinale and for ABSINTHE, a great short film directed by Ewa Wikiel, in which he played the lead character.

In 2016 he stars for NIKOTYNA – another short movie directed by Ewa Wikiel and NACHSUCHE – a German movie directed by Engin Kundag (the director of TORN/Cannes-Quinzaine & ARARAT/Berlinale), which is right now in post-production.


DOMINIK is native in French/Polish, speaks German & English fluently.

DOMINIK WOJCIK in NIKOTYNA, directed by Ewa Wikiel 2016 (screenshot)

DOMINIK WOJCIK in ABSINTHE, directed by directed by Ewa Wikiel 2016 (screenshot)

in ATOMIC AGE, directed by Héléna Klot 2012 (trailer)