Manuel Höhne

I was born in Berlin in 1979. During my school years was the turnaround in Berlin but I passed the german Realschule and the german Gymnasium. In the year 2000 I made my merchant apprenticeship because I thought it would be a solid start to work.

I realized through these years that my passions and hobbies are something else. Music and the world of the movies, that’s it. I love to go to concerts, to the cinema or talk with friends what makes a great movie a great movie.

My experiences as a merchant showed me that a human being is often treated like a number, that’s a point of view I will never understand. So I decided in 2010 to do a risky jump in the freezing water, to do a new beginning and start working as a trainee in an actors agency called DAS IMPERIUM. Here it was a teamplay. We worked together and I was a part of them not just one under many. With my new knowledge I got more and more responsibility too. So we find ways to be a part of the business BUT it’s also important to change the old ways to be successful. Now I’m not a trainee anymore and I am happy to support the agency furthermore, sure there are stressful times but there are also inspiring situations that means for me to give DAS IMPERIUM integrity, visions and a slice of craziness.