Eric Judor

ERIC JUDOR stars for STEAK and WRONG COPS both directed by Quentin Dupieux and many other great movies like LES AVENTURES D´ALADIN which was released last September in France. He also stars for the TV-Show PLATANE, for the feature film MOHAMED DUBOIS directed by Ernesto Oña. Btw ERIC is one of the characters of the very popular comedian duo Eric & Ramzy.

Eric is native Austrian/German and French & speaks English also fluently. ERIC JUDOR
LES NOUVELLES AVENTURES D’ALADIN directed by Arthur Benzaquen 2015
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directed by Quentin Dupieux 2012
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directed by Quentin Dupieux 2007
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DOUBLE ZERO directed by Gérard Pirès 2004 (comedy duo Eric & Ramzy)
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AXE SPOT with Christopher Lloyd & Carmen Electra

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