Florian Hertweck

FLORIAN HERTWECK, is a berlin based actor and director for film and theatre. In 2007, he stars for BERLINER REIGEN, directed by Dieter Berner. In 2013, he played in a film, directed by Fabian Möhrke, called MILLIONEN. He recently performed in a short movie, called REQUISITE, directed by Michael Schindegger. He also stars as the main character for a music video called RADIOAKTIVITÄT by the German band VÖGEL DIE ERDE ESSEN. 

Florian is native German and speaks English fluently.florian-hertweck
, directed by Michael Schindegger 2015

VÖGEL DIE ERDE ESSEN – RADIOAKTIVITÄT (music video), directed by Moritz Bossmann, 2015

DLÉ- DER FLUCH DER TANTALIDEN/ Snippet (music video) 2016