Irina Potapenko

IRINA POTAPENKO, born in the Ukraine but raised in Germany. Irina is one of the most talented young German actresses, you maybe know her for her incredible and awarded perfomance as Tamara for REVANCHE directed by Götz Spielmann, which was nominated for the Academy Award for a movie from a foreign country. Irina also stars for PRINCESS directed by Birgit Großkopf or for another many times awarded feature film ANDUNI directed by Samira Radsi. She won te MAX OPHÜLS Award as best actress in 2010. She stars also for DIE BESUCHER/ THE VISITORS by Constanze Knoche (1 award and 10 nominations). She played recently in the German/ English/ French/ Portuguese/ Spanish cinema co- production VOR DER MORGENRÖTE/ BEFORE RED SKY, directed by Maria Schrader, produced by X Filme & screened at Locarno film festival 2016 at Piazza Grande. The movie was a box office independant movie hit in Germany since weeks!

IRINA is native in Russian and German and fluent in English.
DIE BESUCHER/ THE VISITORS by Constanze Knoche 2015
ANDUNI directed by Samira Radsi, 2011
Bildschirmfoto 2015-03-10 um 17.11.50
REVANCHE directed by Götz Spielmann 2008