Karolina Romuk-Wodoracka

KAROLINA ROMUK-WODORACKA is a polish actress. She started modeling at the age of 15 in Poland and France. The confidence she developed in front of the camera sparked her interest in acting. Soon, she started to appear in video clips and short films. While studying Psychology at University of Social Sciences and Humanities (SWPS), Karolina has been developing her acting skills in several institutions like the  ActorStudio (Warsaw) and the Laboratorium Meisnera (Warsaw). She stared for the leading role in the short movie Ela – Sketches on departure directed by Oliver Kusio, which won Golden Horseman for Short Fiction Film in Filmiest Dresden (2017) and has brought to Cannes for the film’s nomination in La Semaine de la Critique(2017).
Karolina is native Polish and fluent in English.


ENGLISH MONOLOG (“Bodega Bay” by Elisabeth Karlin)

ELA – SKETCHES ON A DEPARTURE by Oliver Kusio 2017 – laundry scene

ELA – SKETCHES ON A DEPARTURE by Oliver Kusio 2017 – dialog