Leandro Taub

LEANDRO TAUB, a writer, director and actor from Buenos Aires. In 2014 Leandro starred in RECREO, directed by Alfred Oliveri and in 2015 in DIARIO DE UN SANTO DIABLO, directed by Joan Cutrina, the new TV series with and about Leandro visiting different cults, masters, teachers, places, specials, dealing with who we are, what are we doing here, etc. Further, Leandro starred in the new Alejandro Jodorowsky feature film ENDLESS POETRY, the continuation of Jodorowskys latest film “The Dance of Reality”, which played at Cannes’ Directors Fortnight, info In 2016 he took on the lead role in South African – Indian co-production cinema project WOODWIND, directed by Fin Manjoo.

Leandro is native in Spanish and fluent in English.

WOODWIND, directed by Fin Manjoo, 2016. (production set pictures)

, directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky, 2015. (trailer)

DIARIO DE UN SANTO DIABLO, directed by Joan Cutrina, 2015. (teaser)bildschirmfoto-2016-09-30-um-11-12-05
RECREO, directed by Alfred Oliveri 2014. (trailer)