Marcin Dorocinski

MARCIN DOROCINSKI, is a multi-talented Polish top star actor, who stars in international cinema films, great Polish TV series and TV movies, performs on stage as well.

He is well known for his portrayals of conflicted, troubled characters: Despero in the Polish box office hit PITBULL (2016), directed by Jacek Mroz as well as for starring in many famous Polish cinema movies, like BOISKO BEZDOMNYCH/THE OFFSIDERS, directed by Kasia Adamik.  Dorocinski is also known for his association with independent movies.

He is widely regarded as one the most talented and respected Polish actors. In 2005, Dorocinski gained critical acclaim in the early 2000s, culminating in his Zbyszek Cybulski’s Award for Best Young Polish Actor.

In 2008, he was nominated for “Polish Eagles Award” in the category Best Actor. In 2009, he won the Golden Lions Award as Best Supporting Actor for REVERSE and another award for Best Actor for the  leading role in ROZA/ROSE, directed by Wojciech Smarzowski. Dorocinski gained his worldwide acclaim for his role in the TV series INTO DEEP WATER (for which he was nominated as Best Actor at Monte Carlo Television Festival in 2013).

In 2016 Marcin Gorocinski starred in NA GRANICY/THE HIGH FRONTIER, directed by Wojciech Kasperski, ANTHROPOID, directed by Sean Ellis, CAPE TOWN – an international NBC TV series and in the most recent project – a Danish film DRAEBERNE FRA NIBE/SMALL TOWN KILLERS, directed by Ole Bornedal, which has its premiere on February 17th in Poland and on June 15th in Germany.

In 2015, Marcin Dorocinski starred in a Polish comedy-drama MOJE CORKI KROWY/MY SISTER, directed by Kinga Debska, SCHANDFLECK-DER USEDOM KRIMIa German crime TV movie, directed by Oliver Schmitz (in which he speaks German!), and with an incredible performace as lead for HBO Poland Originals series PAKT/THE PACT.


Marcin Dorocinski is native Polish, fluent in English and has an advanced level of Russian.

DRAEBERNE FRA NIBE/SMALL TOWN KILLERS, directed by Ole Bornedal, 2017 (trailer in Danish language)

CAPE TOWN – TV Series 2016 (trailer)

ANTHROPOID, directed by Sean Ellis, 2016 (trailer)

NA GRANICY | THE HIGH FRONTIER, directed by Wojciech Kasperski, 2015 (trailer)

PAKT/THE PACT – Season 2: YOU KNOW (HBO Europe teaser)

SCHANDFLECK/EYESORE (not an official translation) DER USEDOM KRIMI, directed by Oliver Schmitz 2015 (full episode in German language)

JACK STRONG, directed by Wladyslaw Pasikowski 2015  (trailer)

OBLAWA/MANHUNT, directed by  Marcin Krzysztalowicz 2012 (trailer)

ROZA/ROSE, directed by  Wojciech Smarzowski 2011 (trailer)