Michael Schertenleib

MICHAEL SCHERTENLEIB, stars for UNTER DER ERDE/ BURRYING MOM directed by Simon Denda and for ACHTUNG, FERTIG, WK! / READY, STEADY, RC! directed by Oliver Rihs and also in various music videos of the swiss rapper Larry F. (see video below…). His band FUTUREKIDS released their first LP “Schebegeil” as well! He stared for two interesting short films at the Max Ophüls film festival 2016, MAMAN UND DAS MEER/ MAMAN AND THE OCEAN, directed by David Wagner. The movie was in the competition for best short film. The name of the second one is BUTTER BRIOCHE, directed by Christopher Kaufmann in the category Spektrum. He stared also this year for a cinematic Virtual Reality (VR) experience promo titled “Cockatoo Spritz” directed by Stephane Barbato. A new VIRTUAL TECHNOLOGY developed by Starbreeze AB/StarVR Stockholm/Paris. Have a look below, it’s a new dimension of watching.

MICHAEL is native German and speaks English fluently.Michael Schertenleib
BUTTER BRIOCHE, directed by Christopher Kaufmann
directed by Simon Denda 2014
Bildschirmfoto 2015-01-07 um 13.47.12
READY,STEADY,RC! directed by Oliver Rihs MICHAEL SCHERTENLEIB Szenen Achtung fertig, WK!
LARRY- RÄGEBOGE (music video)