Nabiha Akkari

Nabiha Akkari is a French-Arabic stage and film actress, writer and musician, who is known for her roles in the short movie TUNISIE 2045, directed by Ted Hardy-Carnac (2016) and the Italian comedy production CHE BELLA GIORNATA/WHAT A BEAUTIFUL DAY, directed by Gennaro Nunziante (2011). Nabiha appeared in numerous, mainly French and Italian, TV-productions and feature films. Nabiha, who resides in Paris, speaks five languages and was also the singer of the French band Hulawhy (2008-2012). Her newest projects include Italian/Arabic musical-drama HONEYMUN/TARANTA ON THE ROAD (2017), directed by Salvatore Allocca and Michael Haneke’s drama HAPPY END (2017), which is still in post-production. 

Nabiha is native French/Arabian and is fluent in English and Italian. She also speaks Spanish (intermediate level).

 directed by Ted Hardy-Carnac 2016

NABIHA AKKARI   singer/front woman of the band HULAWHY

TARANTA ON THE ROAD, directed by Salvatore Allocca 2017