Robin Visher-Heins

ROBIN VISHER-HEINS is a German actor, DJ and musician. He started DJ-ing and promoting events at the age of 18, before his acting skills were discovered.

In 2015 he starred as lead in the essay film QUATSCHEREI for the EP release for the German band FINDUS, directed by Joachim Zunke and Lasse Buchhop. When we met him, we were deeply impressed by his radical presence. Robin recently starred in a music video of a band called Liedfett. He is a multi-talented newcomer in the literal sense, who we are happy to start collaborating with.

Robin is native German and speaks English fluently.

BALL by Liedfett (Official music video)
FINDUS – QUATSCHEREI, directed by Joachim Zunke and Lasse Buchhop (EP release film)