SVANDIS DORA EINARSDOTTIR is an Icelandic actress, who`s career began with small parts in films and commercials, but just after she graduated from the Iceland Academy of Art, has been working as an actress in productions at the National Theatre of Iceland and films. In 2016 she stars for a feature film IN FRONT OF OTHERS, directed by Oskar Jonasson. In 2014  she stars for HARRY OG HEIMIR, directed by Bragi or Hinriksson, and for a short film PLAYING WITH BALLS, directed by Nanna Kristin Magnusdottir and for TV series LAVA FIELD directed by Reynir Lyngdalwhich. Her last TV series, BORGARSTJORINN/THE MAYOR directed by Jón Gnarr will air in Iceland in 13th, November. 

Svandis Dora Einarsdottir is native Icelandic, speaks Danish, Scandinavian, little bit of French and German

IN FRONT OF OTHERS, directed by Oskar Jonasson (a trailer)

BORGARSTJORINN/THE MAYOR directed by Jón Gnarr  (a trailer)