Adam Ild Rohweder


Adam Ild Rohweder

Profile Information

  • First Name:   Adam Ild
  • Last Name:   Rohweder
  • Gender:   m
  • Acting Age:   20 - 37
  • Height:   179
  • Hair Color:   Brown
  • Eye Color:   gray green
  • Ethnic Appearances:   Scandinavian
  • Based In:   Denmark
  • Nationalities:   Danish
  • Homepage:  
  • IMDB:  
  • Instagram:  
  • Languages:   Danish: native-language, English: native-language
  • Native Dialect:   American
  • Dialects:   English: only when required, American: only when required
  • Accents:   English: only when required, American: only when required, Scandinavian: only when required
  • Sports:   Hiking, Rifle shooting, Weight training
  • Drivers Licenses:   Car class




Professional background – Ophelia Acting School


2013 – 2013 On Violence – Best Actor at YoungCuts Filmfestival.


2021 Persona non grata – Family drama Role: Jannik (Supporting role) Distributor: Nordisk Film Director: Lisa Jespersen Producer: Hyæne Film
2020 – 2021 Little Butterfly Role: John (Supporting role) Director: Søren Kragh-Jacobsen Producer: Snowglobe Film
2019 – 2019 A fling – Robert Winner: Best Long fiction. Ekko winner: best short. Role: Ulrik (Supporting role) Distributor: Super16 / DR Director: Zinnini Elkington Producer: Lea Lykke
2018 – 2018 Rise of the viking / Redbad – Dutch Viking epic Role: Kendryck (Supporting role) Director: Roel Reiné Producer: Farmhouse productions
2018 – 2018 HOLIDAY – International premiere at Sundance Filmfestival 18 Role: Musse (Supporting role) Director: Isabella Eklöf Producer: Apparatur Film
2018 – 2018 A young man with high potential – Lead in bloody drama A young man with high potential. Schattenkante fil,. Role: Piet Carnell (Leading role) Distributor: Hahn Film Director: Linus De Paoli Producer: Anna De Paoli
2016 – 2016 Delphi – Cannes short winner: Jury award. Role: Nikolaj (Leading role) Distributor: Super16 Director: Søren Peter Langkjær Producer: Super16
2016 – 2016 Antboy 3 – Part 3 of the Antboy superhero saga. Role: Niller (Supporting role) Distributor: Nimbus Film Director: Ask Hasselbalch Producer: Nimbus Film
2015 – 2015 The shamers daughter – Part 1 of the Shamer saga. Role: Aun (Supporting role) Distributor: Nepenthe Film Director: Kenneth Kainz Producer: Nepenthe Film
2015 – 2015 Goldcoast – Historical slave drama Role: Herbst (Supporting role) Director: Daniel Dencik Producer: Michael Haslund Caster: Anja Philip
2014 – 2014 Department Q: The absent one – Part 1 of the Department Q film series. Role: Bjarne Thøgersen (Supporting role) Distributor: Zentropa Productions Director: Mikkel Nørgaard Producer: Zentropa Caster: Anja Philip


2021 – 2022 Daddy boys Role: Sebastian (Supporting role) Distributor: Discovery+ Director: Morten BH Producer: Blu
2021 – 2021 Comet Christmas Role: Tom (Supporting role) Distributor: Nordisk Film / TV2 Director: Ask Hasselbalch Producer: Trin Hjortkær Caster: Casteriet Anders Nygaard
2020 – 2021 Chemo Brain – Lead in tv series CHEMO BRAIN international premiere at Sundance Filmfestival. Role: Oliver (Leading role) Distributor: TV2Denmark Director: Kristian Håskjold Producer: SplayOne
2019 – 2020 Oda Reverse – Magical children’s tv series. Role: Allan (Supporting role) Distributor: Danish national radio Director: Oliver Ussing Producer: Sam production
2017 – 2019 Yes No Maybe – Season 1 & 2 Role: Julius (Supporting role) Distributor: Danish national radio Director: Mads Grage Producer: Good Company Films
2014 – 2014 1864 – Epic war min series for Danish national television Role: Viggo Monrad (Supporting role) Distributor: Danish national radio Director: Ole Bornedal Producer: Miso Film Caster: Karin Jagd


2018 – 2020 The history of Denmark – Sigurd Barretts musical drama the history of Denmark Role: King Christian IV and others (Leading role) Distributor: Royal Danish Theatre Director: Louise Schouw Producer: Royal Danish Theatre
2017 – 2017 The wave of shit Role: 1 (Leading role) Distributor: CPH STAGE Director: Trine Godt Handen
2014 – 2014 The big picture Role: Man (Leading role) Distributor: Copenhagen music theatre Director: Nicolai Nyholm Producer: CPH STAGE
2012 – 2012 Danny and the deep blue sea Role: Danny (Leading role) Distributor: The boat theatre / Theatre Baest Director: Morten Hembo Producer: Theatre Baest
2012 – 2012 Erik XIV – Strindbergs historical drama about the king and his advisor Role: Göran (Leading role) Distributor: Krudttønden Director: Maria S Clausen Producer: Teater Engang
2011 – 2011 Adam after death Role: Adam (Leading role) Distributor: Wunderkammer Director: Luke Cooper Producer: Wunderkammer
2008 – 2009 In the nude – International interactive play. Latvia, Denmark, Finland and Canada. Role: Head bellboy (Supporting role) Distributor: Theatre Kunst Director: Nina Basset Producer: Theatre Kunst


2018 – 2018 The Kings Fall Role: Otte Iversen (Supporting role) Distributor: Danish national radio Director: Thomas Bjerregaard Nielsen Producer: DR


2018 – 2018 Renegade music video – Music video for Jacob Bellens ‘Renegade* Role: The man (Leading role) Director: Alexander Ohrt Producer: Asta Emelie Stuhr

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