Anca Androne


Anca Androne

Profile Information

  • First Name:   Anca
  • Last Name:   Androne
  • Gender:   f
  • Acting Age:   30 - 45
  • Height:   170
  • Hair Color:   Brown
  • Eye Color:   blue
  • Weight:   50
  • Stature:   slim
  • Ethnic Appearances:   Eastern European
  • Based In:   Bukarest
  • Homepage:  
  • Facebook:  
  • Instagram:  
  • Languages:   English: fluent, Romanian: native-language, French: fluent
  • Dialects:   English: only when required
  • Accents:   Russian: only when required, French: only when required
  • Sports:   Horse riding, Swim
  • Dances:   Argentine tango: medium
  • Drivers Licenses:   Car class




2000 Caragiale Academy of Theatrical Arts and Cinematography


2020 – 2020 THE DIARIES OF ADAM AND EVE Role: Eve (Leading role) Director: Franz Müller Producer: Mizzi Stock Entertainment
2018 Moromete Family: on the edge of time Role: Ilinca (Supporting role) Director: Stere Gulea Producer: Libra Film
2011 ADALBERT’S DREAM Role: Tatiana (Supporting role) Director: Gabriel Achim Producer: Green Film Production
2010 THE WHISTLEBLOWER Role: Zenia (Supporting role) Director: Larysa Kondracki Producer: First Generation Films
2010 SAIDI’S SONG Role: Nadia, (Supporting role) Director: Chike Kani Omo Producer: Black Wing Productions
2009 ANACONDA IV Role: Wendy (Supporting role) Director: Don Fountleroy Producer: Really Big Snake Productions
2004 LE PERE GORIOT Role: Victorine (Supporting role) Director: Jean-Daniel Verhaeghe Producer: Cipango et Castel Film
2003 THE EXAM Role: Marilena (Supporting role) Director: Titus Muntean Producer: ICON Productions
2003 VLAD Role: Elisabeth (Supporting role) Director: Michael Sellers Producer: Media ProPictures
2002 SHERLOCK – A CASE OF EVIL Role: Nurse (Supporting role) Director: Graham Theakston Producer: Castel Films
2002 THE WILD DOGS Role: Elena (Supporting role) Director: Thom Fitzgerald Producer: IMX Communications
2002 , OCCIDENT Role: Sorina (Leading role) Director: Cristian Mungiu Producer: Temple Films


2013 UTOPIA Role: Brosca (Supporting role) Director: Marc Munden Producer: Kudos/Channel4
2008 STORY FROM THE PAST Role: Adriana (Leading role) Director: Adi Sitaru Producer: Media ProPictures,
2006 THE LIFE WITH HIM Role: Irina (Leading role) Director: Radu Apostol Producer: Media ProPictures
2006 MOTHER’S DOCTORS Role: Maria (Supporting role) Director: Peter Kerek Producer: Media ProPictures


LOVE, LOSS AND WHAT I WORE Role: Nancy Distributor: ARCUB Director: Emil Hostina
LA GRANDE MAGIA Role: Marta, Distributor: Bulandra Theater Director: Elie Malka
TRIUMPH OF LOVE Role: Sophia/ Hermidas Distributor: Bulandra Theater Director: Alexandru Darie
SNAKE IN THE GRASS Role: Miriam Distributor: Bulandra Theater Director: Emil Hostina
THE LINE Role: Mona Distributor: Expo Shanghai Director: Alexandru Darie , Cosmin Manolescu
THE WEDDING Role: Agafia Tihonovna Distributor: Bulandra Theatre Bucharest Director: Iuri Kordonsky
CRIME AND PUNISHMENT Role: Sonia Distributor: , Bulandra Theatre Bucharest Director: Iuri Kordonsky
SIX CHARACTERS IN SEARCH OF AN AUTHOR Role: Actress Distributor: Bulandra Theatre Bucharest, Director: Liviu Ciulei
LA MEMOIRE DES PASSEURS Role: Samaritan Woman Distributor: Culture 2000 E.U. Project Director: Dragos Galgotiu
ANATOMIE – TITUS FALL OF ROME Role: Lavinia Distributor: Bulandra Theatre Bucharest & Italy Tour Director: Alexandru Darie
WOYZECK Role: Margaret Distributor: Athon Cultural Foundation Director: Dragos Galgotiu
THE WINTER’S TALE Role: Le Temps Distributor: Athon Cultural Foundation Director: Dragos Galgotiu
TOSCANA Role: Gordana Distributor: Toaca Studio Bucharest Director: Nona Ciobanu
RUSSENHUHN Role: Alexandra Distributor: Wuk Theatre Vienna Director: Evelin Fuchs
CRYPTO PSEUD Role: , Rada Distributor: European Tour Director: Natasha Lusetic
COMING BACK TO BETLEEM Role: Maria Magdalena Distributor: Athon Cultural Foundation Director: Dragos Galgotiu
THE WAY OF THE CROSS Role: Maria Magdalena Distributor: Athon Cultural Foundation Director: Dragos Galgotiu
WAITING FOR GODOT Role: The Boy Distributor: Athon Cultural Foundation Director: Dragos Galgotiu
CAME AND GO Role: Ru (Leading role) Distributor: Unu Theatre Bucharest Director: Varvara Stefanescu
THE BOURGEOIS GENTLEMAN, Role: Marchionness Dorimenne Distributor: , Cassandra Studio Bucharest Director: Cosmin Marian

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