David Coburn


David Coburn

Profile Information

  • First Name:   David
  • Last Name:   Coburn
  • Gender:   m
  • Acting Age:   50 - 60
  • Height:   175
  • Hair Color:   Brown
  • Eye Color:   brown
  • Weight:   68
  • Stature:   athletic-muscular
  • Ethnic Appearances:   Mix (others)
  • Based In:   Paris, France
  • Nationalities:   American
  • Languages:   English: native-language, Spanish: basic, French: fluent
  • Native Dialect:   American
  • Dialects:   English: only when required, Brooklyn-English: only when required, Californian English: only when required, American: always
  • Accents:   Indian: only when required, English: only when required, Spanish: only when required, Hungarian: only when required, French: only when required, Italian: only when required, American: always
  • Pitch:   Baritone
  • Instruments:   Guitar: basic, Piano: professional, Ukulele: medium, Percussion: professional
  • Drivers Licenses:   Car class




Professional background – UCLA Theatre


2020 – 2021 Luz Role: Arthur Ross (Leading role) Director: Jasmin Lord Producer: ARTE
2019 – 2021 Anna Role: CIA Director (Other roles) Distributor: Europacorp Director: Luc Besson Producer: Luc Besson Caster: Swan Pham
2017 – 2018 Three Days to Kill Role: CIA operative (Other roles) Distributor: Europacorp Director: McG Producer: Europacorp
1997 – 1998 “Screenplay” Role: Bobby Pearlman (Leading role) Director: Adam Winston Producer: Adam Winston
1990 – 1991 The Doors Role: Miami Death Squad Leader (Other roles) Distributor: Tri Star Director: Oliver Stone Producer: Imagine
1989 – 1989 The Fabulous Baker Boys Role: Vet Clerk (Other roles) Distributor: Paramount Pictures Director: Steve Kloves


2021 – 2021 Madame Blanc Role: Sacha Ruse (Supporting role)
2019 – 2020 The Split 2 (Supporting role)
2015 – 2016 Absentia Role: Drug Dealer (Supporting role) Distributor: Netflix
2010 – 2014 Platane Role: David Coburn (Leading role) Distributor: Canal Plus Director: Denis Imbert Producer: Eric Judor Caster: Swan Pham
2006 – 2007 The Sopranos Role: Bartender (Other roles) Distributor: HBO Director: Steve Buscemi Producer: HBO


1998 – 2001 Saturday Night Fever Role: Monty + various (Leading role) Distributor: Minskoff Theatre Director: Arlene Phillips Producer: Stigwood Entertainment Caster: Bernard Telsey

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