Franz Malmsten


Franz Malmsten

Profile Information

  • First Name:   Franz
  • Last Name:   Malmsten
  • Gender:   m
  • Acting Age:   16 - 26
  • Height:   182
  • Hair Color:   Brown
  • Eye Color:   brown
  • Weight:   72
  • Stature:   athletic / training
  • Ethnic Appearances:   Eastern European
  • Based In:   Estonia
  • Nationalities:   Estonian
  • Homepage:  
  • IMDB:  
  • Instagram:  
  • Languages:   English: fluent, Estonian: native-language, Russian: basic, French: basic
  • Native Dialect:   Norden
  • Dialects:   Franconian: only when required, Norden: always, English: only when required
  • Accents:   English: only when required, Finnish: only when required, Russian: only when required, French: only when required, Scandinavian: always
  • Pitch:   Bass
  • Instruments:   Guitar: medium, Piano: basic, Drum: basic, Ukulele: basic, Electric guitar: medium, Bass guitar: basic, Loop station: basic
  • Sports:   Basketball, Beach volleyball, Floor Exercise, Body building, Bowling, Stage combat, Triple jump, Fencing (stage), Fitness, Soccer, Weightlifting, High jump, Martial Arts, Kart racing, Weight training, Sport of running, Miniature golf, Ice skating, skiing,
  • Dances:   Folk dance: medium
  • Singing:   Folk: basic, Song: basic, folk song: basic, A cappella: basic, Choir: basic, Backing vocals: basic
  • Drivers Licenses:   Car class





2019 – 2019 Wild Game – Best Short Film in London film festival SEFF
2018 – 2018 Wild Game – Best Internationa Short FIlm in Festival Internacional de Cine de Viña del Mar


2019 – 2019 Actors Studio – Studio in London Pinewood Studios, Tim Kent, Mel Churcher
2016 – 2016 Old Town Collage – Teachers: Maria Peterson, Lembit Peterson, Tõnis Rätsep, Mirko Rajas, Tarmo Song


2021 – 2021 Apthecory Melchior Role: Kilian (supporting) Distributor: Taska Productions Director: Elmo Nüganen Producer: Kris Taska
2021 – 2021 Soo Role: Toomas Haava (leading) Distributor: Apollo Productions Director: Ergo Kuld Producer: Kris Taska
2020 – 2020 Kevin, ei! Role: Kevin (leading) Distributor: Kinosaurus Director: Leslie Laasner Producer: Maie Rosmann Caster: Leslie Laasner
2020 – 2020 Talv Role: Arnold (leading) Distributor: Apollo Productions Director: Ergo Kuld Producer: Tanel Tatter Caster: Ergo Kuld
2019 – 2019 Klassikokkutulek 3 Role: Joonas (misc) Distributor: Taska Productions Director: Réne Vilbre Producer: Kris Taska Caster: Réne Vilbre
2019 – 2019 Kiirtee Põrgusse Role: Markkus (leading) Distributor: OÜ Kriim Director: Urmas Eero Liiv Producer: OÜ Kriim Caster: Urmas Eero Liiv
2018 – 2018 Klassikokkutulek 2 Role: Joonas (misc) Distributor: Taska Productions Director: Réne Vilbre Producer: Kris Taska Caster: Réne Vilbre
2018 – 2018 Wild Game Role: Olev (leading) Distributor: BFM Director: Jeronimo Sarmiento Producer: Clare Fog Caster: Jeronimo Sarmiento
2016 – 2016 Klassikokkutulek Role: Joonas (misc) Distributor: Taska Productions Director: Réne Vilbre Producer: Kris Taska Caster: Réne Vilbre


2020 – 2020 Padjaklubi Role: Osvald (supporting) Distributor: Kassikuld Director: Ergo Kuld Producer: Ergo Kuld
2019 – 2019 Kättemaksukontor Role: Axel (misc) Distributor: BEC Director: Ain Prosa Producer: Raivo Suviste Caster: Kädi Rammula
2017 – 2018 Nukumaja Role: Gabrile (supporting) Distributor: Kassikuld OÜ Director: Ergo Kuld Producer: Egle Beek Caster: Ergo Kuld


2020 Oh Jumal Role: Ljor (supporting) Distributor: Draamateater Director: Mehis Pihla
2019 – 2019 Ihnus Role: Valére (supporting) Distributor: Theatrum Director: Mirko Rajas Producer: Marius Peterson Caster: Mirko Rajas
2018 – 2018 Cherry Orchard Role: Yasha (supporting) Distributor: Theatrum Director: Maria Peterson Producer: Marius Peterson Caster: Maria Peterson


2020 – 2020 Villemdrillem & Gameboytetris
2019 – 2019 Add Spice – Jennifer Cohen


2020 – 2020 Sirisgym.com – Stills, Telecommercial, Socialmedia commercial
2019 – 2020 Atria / Grilling through the ages

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