Lori Baldwin


Lori Baldwin

Profile Information

  • First Name:   Lori
  • Last Name:   Baldwin
  • Gender:   f
  • Acting Age:   26 - 36
  • Height:   157
  • Hair Color:   Blond
  • Eye Color:   blue
  • Weight:   50
  • Stature:   slim
  • Ethnic Appearances:   Central European, Southern European
  • Based In:   Germany
  • Nationalities:   American
  • Homepage:  
  • Instagram:  
  • Languages:   German: medium, English: native-language, Spanish: fluent, Hungarian: basic, French: basic
  • Native Dialect:   American
  • Dialects:   Texan English: only when required, London (English): only when required, Southern-English: only when required, American: always
  • Accents:   English: only when required, American: always
  • Pitch:   Alto
  • Instruments:   Banjo: medium, Guitar: basic, Electric guitar: basic
  • Sports:   Aerial yoga, Aerobics, Rockclimbing, Bouldering, Canoe/Kayak, Climb, Slackline, Standup paddleboarding, Backpacking, Hiking, Yoga
  • Dances:   Butoh: basic, Salsa: basic, Swing: medium, Hip hop: basic, Musical theatre: medium, Burlesque: medium, Mime: medium, Pole Dance: basic, Charleston: basic, Performance: professional, Choreography: basic, Modern Dance: basic, Rock & roll: basic, Courtly dan
  • Singing:   Folk: professional, Jazz: medium, Punk rock: basic, Blues: medium, Swing: medium, Oldies: professional, Country: medium, Musical: medium, Rock/Pop: medium, folk song: professional, A cappella: medium, Choir: basic, Backing vocals: professional, Improvisat
  • Drivers Licenses:   Car class




2012 – 2013 University of Warwick – M.A. International Performance Research
2012 – 2013 University of Amsterdam – M.A. International Performance Research
2007 – 2011 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill – B.A. Communications (Performance Studies) and International Studies


2018 Nature 2.0 – liquid markets and geotrauma Role: Market (leading) Director: Calum Bowden
2018 Sister Role: Lyn (leading) Director: Máté Makláry


2017 Ultimate Agent (supporting) Distributor: NRK


2018 – 2019 Tick-tock the Timeline Clock Role: Concept and Performance (leading) Distributor: Mala Inventura (Prague), Occupy Flutgraben (Berlin)
2017 – 2019 Queendom Role: Performer Distributor: Mu Szinhaz Director: Veronika Szábo
2019 Subtext Role: Singer (supporting) Distributor: Julia Stoschek Collection Director: Colin Self
2019 Peaches: There’s Only One Peach with a Hole in the Middle Role: Dancer (supporting) Distributor: Kampnagel (Hamburg), Volksbühne (Berlin), Royal Festival Hall (London)
2018 – 2018 Relic Role: Concept and Performance (leading) Distributor: Diskurs Festival (Gießen)


2021 – 2021 KitKat
2020 – 2020 UNSCENE – Craycray Productions
2018 MGM Casino
2016 Candy Crush

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