Magda Zak


Magda Zak

Profile Information

  • First Name:   Magda
  • Last Name:   Zak
  • Gender:   f
  • Acting Age:   20 - 30
  • Height:   172
  • Hair Color:   Blond
  • Eye Color:   blue
  • Weight:   57
  • Stature:   female
  • Ethnic Appearances:   Eastern European
  • Nationalities:   Polish
  • Twitter:  
  • Instagram:  
  • Languages:   English: fluent, Polish: native-language
  • Native Dialect:   English
  • Dialects:   English: only when required
  • Sports:   Backpacking, Canoe/Kayak, Fencing (stage), Judo, Sailing, Swim
  • Dances:   Salsa: medium, Samba: medium, Standard: medium, Classic dance: medium, Argentine tango: medium, Latin American dances: medium
  • Singing:   Folk: medium, Blues: medium, Ballad: medium, Musical: medium, A cappella: medium
  • Drivers Licenses:   Car class




2017 National Film School in Łódź


2018 – 2018 Złota kijanka at Camerimage for “Dreaming of Warsaw”
2017 – 2017 The Stanisław Brzozowski’s prize for the best short at Ofeliada Festival for “Dreaming of Warsaw”
2017 – 2017 Award for the best short at Ekran Festival Toronto for “Dreaming of Warsaw”
2017 – 2017 Grand Prix of Cinemaiubit Festival in Bukarest for “Dreaming of Warsaw”
2017 – 2017 Grand Prix at Early Bird Festival in Sophia for a film “Dreaming of Warsaw”
2017 – 2017 Złota kijanka at Camerimage for “Manticore”
2017 – 2017 Theatre Intitute Prize for the best show of a year for “The Wedding”
2017 – 2017 Grand Prix for the best show at Klasyka Żywa Festival for “The Wedding”
2017 – 2017 Grand Prix for the best show at Gombrowicz Festival for “The Wedding”
2017 – 2017 The best debut for a part of Mańka in “The Wedding”
2016 – 2016 A Prize in “different view” category for the movie “Crystal girl”
2016 – 2016 A prize for a lead role in “Baby doll” at Theatre Schools Festival
2016 – 2016 Grand Prix of Theatre Schools Festival for Baby doll
2015 – 2015 Grand Prix for the best short at Kamera Akcja Festival for “Days with my father”


2017 – 2021 PhD at National Film School in Łódź – I


2020 – 2020 Problem Role: Daughter (Other roles) Director: Tomasz Wolski Producer: Kijora
2019 – 2019 It’s about time! Preposterous! -Reflections on Urgency Role: Cassandra (Leading role) Director: Mieke Bal
2018 – 2018 The Wedding – This production was a transition of an award winning show “The Wedding” that we made at The Contemporary Theatre in Szczecin Role: Mańka (Supporting role) Distributor: Telewizja Polska S.A Director: Anna Augustynowicz Producer: Telewizja Polska S.A
2018 – 2018 ZABAWA ZABAWA Role: Show member (Other roles) Director: Kinga Dębska Producer: Kalejdoskop Film Studio
2018 – 2018 Manticore – The movie was shot in Malaysia and was nominated for the best short film at Camerimage 2018 Role: Wiktoria (Leading role) Director: Mateusz Czuchnowski
2018 – 2018 Return to home – Link to the film with subtitles here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RPd6XS7lYBA&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR1kFNW9w1ys2-39JM-dHDxsGyNLnzNTdQMwUW3OhZrAGRp-OisbK34V5E8 Role: Zofia (Leading role) Director: Mateusz Lachowski
2016 – 2016 Dreaming of Warsaw Director: Mateusz Czuchnowski, Magdalena Żak Producer: PWSFTviT Lodz, Polish Film Institute
2016 – 2016 Crystal girl Role: Magda (Supporting role) Director: Artur Urbański
2015 – 2015 Days with my father – The movie has got a Grind Prix for the best short at Kamera Akcja Festival 2015 (Supporting role) Director: Miłosz Kasiura
2015 – 2015 Comeback Role: Tonia (Leading role) Director: Paweł Siedlik
2014 – 2014 Born Twice Role: Servant (Leading role) Director: Arshad Sardar Khan


2019 – 2019 Na wspólnej Role: Alina (Supporting role) Distributor: TVN Producer: TVN
2018 – 2018 Za marzenia Role: Blonde (Supporting role) Director: Olga Hajdas Producer: Telewizja Polska
2018 – 2018 Na dobre i na złe Role: Irka (Supporting role) Distributor: TVP 2 Producer: Telewizja Polska – Telewizyjna Agencja Produkcji Teatralnej i Filmowej dla Programu II TVP Caster: Monika Figura
2016 – 2016 A second chance. Season 2 Role: Marianna Kowalik (Supporting role) Distributor: TVN Director: Xawery Żuławski Producer: ATM Grupa


2019 – 2020 Third Breast Role: Ewa (Leading role) Distributor: The Contemporary Theatre in Warsaw Director: Jarosław Tumidajski
2018 – 2020 Three sisters Role: Masha (Leading role) Distributor: Jaracz’s Theatre Łódź Director: Jacek Orłowski
2017 – 2019 Womens hell Role: Delta (Leading role) Distributor: The New Theatre Kraków Director: Paweł Szarek
2016 – 2018 The Wedding Role: Mańka (Supporting role) Distributor: The Contemporary Theatre in Szczecin Director: Anna Augustynowicz
2016 – 2017 Soundwork Role: Musician (Leading role) Distributor: TR Warszawa Director: Wojciech Blecharz
2016 – 2016 Baby doll – This show was my diploma production, and won Grand Prix for the best show at Theatre School Festival in 2016. I was granted a prize for this part at the same festival. Role: Baby doll (Leading role) Distributor: The Studio theatre Łódź Director: Jacek Poniedziałek Producer: PWSFTviT Lodz


2016 – 2016 Who’s Max Winckler? Role: Julia Janicz (Leading role) Distributor: Audioteka Director: Bartosz Szpak, Adam Chyliński Producer: Biały atrament, Sound Tropez

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