Marina Provenzzano


Marina Provenzzano

Profile Information

  • First Name:   Marina
  • Last Name:   Provenzzano
  • Gender:   f
  • Acting Age:   26 - 36



Professional background – I started studying theatre at the age of ten. I did six years of “Teatro O Tablado”, a renowned improv school in Rio de Janeiro, four years of studying with Daniel Herz at the Casa de Cultura Laura Alvim, and have done many courses and workshops of different types of theatre throughout my life, such as Clown , Balinese mask, Butoh, as well as dance and singing lessons and theory study groups. My training process is continuous. In 2009 I graduated in Cinema at PUC-RJ.


2021 Aumenta que é Rock n’Roll Role: Alice (supporting) Director: Tomás Portella Producer: Luz Mágica Caster: Raoni Seixas

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