Mark Kleuskens


Mark Kleuskens

Profile Information

  • First Name:   Mark
  • Last Name:   Kleuskens
  • Gender:   m
  • Acting Age:   45 - 62
  • Height:   184
  • Hair Color:   Blond
  • Eye Color:   green
  • Stature:   athletic-muscular
  • Ethnic Appearances:   Central European
  • Based In:   Amsterdam
  • Nationalities:   Dutch
  • Homepage:  
  • IMDB:  
  • Languages:   German: fluent, English: fluent, Spanish: fluent, Dutch: native-language
  • Native Dialect:   American
  • Dialects:   American: always
  • Accents:   American: always, Dutch: only when required
  • Pitch:   Baritone
  • Instruments:   Drums: medium
  • Sports:   Boxing
  • Singing:   Rock/Pop: professional
  • Drivers Licenses:   Car class




1994 Theaterschool Amsterdam


2016 – 2016 The Beverly Hills Playhouse Los Angeles – 6 months training
1996 – 1998 Lee Strasberg New York – workshops George Loros


2018 – 2019 die Zerstorten Role: The Boss (Supporting role) Director: Gunther Franke Producer: Sutor Kolonko
2018 – 2018 Shake it off Role: Boxing trainer (Supporting role) Director: Sylvester Hoogland
2016 – 2016 L.A. Lost Angel Role: Michael Hansen (Leading role) Director: Jeff Crowell Producer: LA Reels/ Dutch Dude Film
2016 – 2016 Moord voor Jeugd Role: Mark (Supporting role) Director: Ron Toekook Producer: Insulea Media
2014 – 2014 Allstars 2 Old Stars Role: ULI (Supporting role) Director: Jean van der Velde Producer: Lonesome Cowboys Caster: Postcastelijn
2014 – 2014 Hemel op Aarde Role: Douane (Supporting role) Director: Pieter Kuijpers Producer: Pupkin Film NL Caster: Postcastelijn
2004 – 2004 Van God Los Role: Politie (Supporting role) Director: Pieter Kuijpers Producer: Rinkel Film Caster: Postcastelijn
2003 – 2003 Noche de Duende Role: Marco (Leading role) Director: Julio Cesar Nunez Producer: Polderspace/ Ron Toekook
1994 – 1994 Hoogste Tijd Role: Actor (Supporting role) Director: Frans Weisz Producer: Rene Seegers Caster: Postcastelijn


2020 – 2020 Flikken Maastricht Role: Ervin Kohary (Supporting role) Distributor: NPO Director: Pieter van Rijn Producer: Warner Brothers Caster: Postcastelijn
2019 – 2019 Alarm fur Cobra 11 Role: Kurt Dreyer (Supporting role) Distributor: RTL Germany Director: Ralph Polinski Producer: Action Concept Caster: Anja Dihrberg
2017 – 2017 Klem Role: Ben Bouwmeester (Supporting role) Distributor: Vara Director: Frank Ketelaar Caster: Postcastelijn
2017 – 2017 Vechtershart Role: Adje (Supporting role) Distributor: RTL4 Director: Lourens Blok Producer: EndemolShine Holland Caster: Postcastelijn
2016 – 2016 Moordvrouw Role: Rudi Seeler (Supporting role) Distributor: RTL4 Director: Tim Oliehoek Producer: EndemolShine Holland Caster: Postcastelijn
2015 – 2015 Penoza Role: Stef (Supporting role) Distributor: NPO/ KRO Director: Diederik van Rooijen Producer: NL Films Caster: Postcastelijn
2015 – 2015 A’dam- Eva Role: Wouter Sijs (Supporting role) Distributor: NTR Director: Norbert ter Hall Producer: NTR Caster: Postcastelijn
2014 – 2014 Penoza Role: Stef (Supporting role) Distributor: NPO Director: Diederik van Rooijen Producer: NL Film Caster: Postcastelijn
2012 – 2012 Flikken Maastricht Role: Max van Eck (Supporting role) Distributor: NPO Director: Martin Schwab Producer: Eyeworks Caster: Postcastelijn
2012 – 2012 Heiter bis Totlich Role: Jan (Supporting role) Distributor: ARD Director: Philip Osthus Producer: NDR/ ARD
2011 – 2011 Levenslied Role: Mark (Supporting role) Distributor: NPO Director: Anne van der Linden Producer: Fourone Media Caster: Postcastelijn
2008 – 2008 Wilsberg Role: Koos van Buuren (Supporting role) Distributor: ZDF Director: Catharina Deus Producer: ZDF
2004 – 2004 SK Kolsch Role: Harrie van Bommelen (Supporting role) Distributor: SAT 1 Director: Michael Schneider Producer: Nostro Film Caster: Anja Dihrberg
2000 – 2000 Die Kumpel Role: Dutch Dealer (Supporting role) Distributor: SAT 1 Director: Gabriele Heberling Producer: R&M Film
2000 – 2000 Julia, eine ungewohnliche Frau Role: Ruud van Leeuwen (Leading role) Distributor: ARD Director: Walter Bannert Producer: Nostro Film
1994 – 1994 De Partizanen Role: Knecht Thei (Supporting role) Distributor: KRO Director: Theu Boermans Producer: Trust Caster: Postcastelijn


2019 – 2019 Was? Das Geht? – Comedy

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