Zar Amir Ebrahimi


Zar Amir Ebrahimi

Profile Information

  • First Name:   Zar
  • Last Name:   Amir Ebrahimi
  • Gender:   f
  • Acting Age:   25 - 40
  • Height:   166
  • Hair Color:   Brown
  • Eye Color:   green brown
  • Weight:   50
  • Stature:   slim
  • Ethnic Appearances:   Persian
  • Based In:   France
  • Nationalities:   French, Iranian
  • IMDB:  
  • Instagram:  
  • Languages:   German: basic, Pashto: basic, Arabic: medium, English: fluent, Turkish: basic, Georgian: basic, Afghan: fluent, Swedish: basic, French: fluent, Italian: medium, Azerbaijani: basic, Persian (Farsi/Dari): native-language
  • Native Dialect:   Parisian dialect
  • Dialects:   Parisian dialect: always, Indian-English: only when required, English: always, African-English: only when required, American: always
  • Accents:   other: always
  • Pitch:   Soprano
  • Instruments:   Sitar: medium, Guitar: basic, Piano: basic, Violin: professional, Melodica: medium, Flute: basic, Didgeridoo: medium, Harmonica: medium, Keyboard/Synthesizer: medium
  • Sports:   Basketball, Fitness, skiing, Soccer, Swim, Table football, Table tennis, Tai chi, Volleyball, Yoga
  • Dances:   Salsa: basic, Lambada: basic, Musical theatre: medium, Jazz Dance: basic, Classic dance: basic, Folk dance: basic, Performance: medium, Bollywood dance: basic, Rock & roll: medium, Courtly dances: basic, Experimental dance: medium, Historical dance: profe
  • Singing:   Folk: basic, Song: medium, Chanson: medium, Oriental: medium
  • Drivers Licenses:   Car class




2019 – 2019 Diwan – Hamburg award for cultural freedom
2018 – 2018 Bride Price and Democracy – Best Lead Actress Award – Nice International Film Festival


1998 – 2004 Art & Architeture Azad University of Tehran


2021 – 2021 Please Rise Role: Poet (Leading role) Director: Sheida Sheikhha Producer: Michal Sikora
2020 – 2021 The Long Night (Leading role) Director: Ali Abbasi Producer: Jacob Jarek, Sol Bondy Caster: Zar Amir Ebrahimi
2020 – 2021 Mon Pire Ennemi (Leading role) Director: Mehran Tamadon Producer: Rafaël Pillosio
2020 – 2021 Les Sourvivants Role: Chehreh (Leading role) Distributor: AD VITAM Director: Guillaume Renusson Producer: Frédéric Jouve, Pierre-Louis Garnon Caster: Antoine Carrard
2017 – 2019 Morgen sind wir frei Role: Nadja (Leading role) Director: Hossein Pourseifi Producer: Little Dream
2018 – 2019 Damien veut changer le monde Role: Farzaneh Rezvani (Other roles) Director: Xavier De Choudens Producer: Agat Films
2018 – 2018 Marée Role: Alma (Leading role) Director: Manon Coubia Producer: EL Production
2015 – 2017 Tehran Taboo Role: Sara (Leading role) Director: Ali Soozandeh Producer: Little Dream
2015 – 2017 Bride Price and Democracy – Best Lead Actress Award, Nice International Film Festival 2018 / Nomination : Best Lead Actress Award, Amsterdam International Film Festival 2018 – Best Lead Actress Award, Västeras Film Festival 2018 Role: Vida Irandoost (Leading role) Director: Reza Rahimi Producer: Studieframjandet
2013 – 2014 Un Souvenir Pour Ma Mère Role: The girl (Leading role) Director: MReza Kalani Producer: Utopiran Production
2013 – 2013 Deteriorating World Of Natia Role: Shirin (Leading role) Director: Amir Dorri Producer: Doan Film
2012 – 2013 Where Might The Wind Rest Role: Photographer (Leading role) Director: Ali Shirzadi Producer: Norwegian University Of Science and Technology
2013 – 2013 Gribidov NO 12 Role: Ladan (Leading role) Director: Kasra Rezaiee Producer: Kasra Rezaiee
2007 – 2009 SHIRIN Role: One of the Acresses (Leading role) Director: Abbas Kiarostami Producer: Kiarostami Production
2006 – 2008 HAFEZ Role: Nabat (Supporting role) Director: Abolfazl Jalili Producer: Milad Film
2005 – 2005 A Trip To Hidalu (Leading role) Director: Mojtaba Raie Producer: Farabi Cinema Foundation
2002 – 2002 Waiting Role: Golnesa (Leading role) Director: Mohammad Nourizad Producer: Avini Film


2005 – 2006 Nargess Role: Zohreh (Leading role) Director: Cirous Moghadam Producer: IRIB Broadcasting
2005 – 2005 Like A Stranger (Leading role) Director: Ghasem Jafari Producer: Shahrzad Film
2004 – 2004 Help Me Role: Behnoosh (Leading role) Director: Ghasem Jafari Producer: Shahrzad Film

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