Tariq Al-Saies

TARIQ AL-SAIES is a Syrian-Jordanian actor, now living in Denmark. He plays in films, TV series & theatres in Denmark, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan.
Also, Tariq has experience in teaching & leading theatre workshops in drama, movement, storytelling and stage fighting.

In 2009 Tariq starred in Syrian TV series ANA AL QUDS/I AM JERUSALEM (not an official translation), directed by Basil Al- Khateeb.
In 2013, he starred in the Danish short movie EXIT, directed by Michael Kongshaug.
Further, in 2015 he starred in Lebanese TV series CELLO, directed by Samer Al Barkawi.
Recently, Tariq starred in a Danish TV Series, and recently he was casted for a German cinema movie!
Tariq is native Arabic speaker and fluent in Danish and English.

TV series CELLO, directed by Samer Al Barkawi (extracts)

GULDKYSTEN/GOLDCOAST, directed by Daniel Dencik (a trailer)

EXIT, directed by Michael Kongshaug. (extract)