Torsten Voges

TORSTEN VOGES starred in THE BIG LEBOWSKI, 8MM directed by Joel Schumacher, FUNNY PEOPLE by Judd Apatow, BULLET (with Danny Trejo) directed by Nick Lyon, as well as in these two feature films directed by Rob Zombie THE LORDS OF SALEM and 31. Further, he starred in THE PIANO ROOM, which was selected for the Academy Awards as best foreign film for Slovenia in 2013, directed by Igor Ivanov Izi. He also played lead for the Polish/French/US co-production FRAMED and recently finished shooting in the role of the main antagonist in Adam Sandler’s new movie project THE DO OVER, directed by Steven Brill.

TORSTEN is native German and speaks English fluently.Desktop7-1024x724
Showreel 2016
THE DO OVER, directed by Steven Brill 2016

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31, directed by Rob Zombie 2015
BULLET, directed by Nick Lyon 2014
THE PIANO ROOM, directed by Igor Ivanov Izi 2013
THE LORDS OF SALEM, directed by Rob Zombie 2012
FUNNY PEOPLE, directed by Judd Apatow 2009bildschirmfoto-2016-06-10-um-13-16-55
THE BIG LEBOWSKI, directed by Joel Coen, Ethan Coen 1998

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