Vassilis Koukalani

VASSILIS KOUKALANIis an actor and director, working in Berlin and Athens for film as well as theatre. Being raised in Germany, Greece and Iran, Vassilis speaks multiple languages and handles a great range of accents and dialects perfectly. He studied acting and film making in New York and Berlin and is known for various films such as the German film EIN ATEM, directed by Christian Zübert (2015) and the French/Greek/Iranian co-production RED ROSE, directed by Sepideh Farsi (2014). His latest film is a Greek/German/British co-produced drama titled AMERIKA SQUARE, directed by Yannis Sakaridis (2016). 

Vassilis is native Greek, German, Iranian and speaks English fluently.
He also speaks French (intermediate) and Kurdish (intermediate).

SHOWREEL of VASSILIS KOUKALANI in AMERIKA SQUARE, directed by Yannis Sakaridis 2016

SHOWREEL of VASSILIS KOUKALANI in RED ROSE, directed by Sepideh Farsi 2014