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Sorry to spam you but that’s what we did and at this place we will publish from now on our confirmed jobs. We begin with a best of of our previous work. If it’s to much for you you can ignore it 😉

THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL (US), blockbuster, supporting Daniel Steiner & Milton Welsh, directed by Wes Anderson 2014/ Silver Bear at Berlin International Film Festival 2014

THREE DAYS TO KILL (US), blockbuster, supporting Tómas Lemarquis, directed by McG (Joseph MCGinty Nichol) 2014

SEVEN LUCKY GODS, (GB), feature film, lead Nik Xhelilaj directed by Jamil Dehlavi 2014/ Golden Lion at Barcelona International Film Festival 2014

ORO VERDE (I), feature film, leads Carlos Leal & Leonardo Nigro, directed by Mohammed Soudani 2014

A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD (US), block buster, lead antagonists Rasha Bukvic & Sergej Onopko directed by John Moore 2013/ People´s Choice Awards 2014 nominated for Favorite Thriller Movie

SNOWPIERCER (KR/US/FR), feature film, supporting Tómas Lemarquis directed by Joon-ho Bong 2013/ Asian Film Awards 2014 nominated for Best Film/ Baek Sang Art Awards 2014 nominated for Best Film/ Blue Dragon Awards 2013 nominated forBest Film/ Sydney Film Festival 2014 nominated for Best Film

GOLD (DE/CA), feature film, lead Marko Mandic directed by Thomas Arslan 2013

RUBINROT (RUBY RED) (DE), block buster, supporting Levin Henning directed by Felix Fuchssteiner 2013

REAL PLAYING GAME (PT/GB) feature film, lead Nik Xhelilaj directed by Tino Navarro, David Rebordao 2013

PIANO ROOM (MK), feature film, supporting Torsten Voges & Iva Krajnc directed by Igor Ivanov Izi 2013

KAPTN OSKAR/CAPTAIN OSKAR (DE) feature film, lead Martina Schöne- Radunski directed by Tom Lass 2013/ Best Young Actress at German Screen Actors Awards 2014 Martina Schöne-Radunski/ Seymour Cassel Award 2013 Martina Schöne-Radunski

UND MORGEN MITTAG BIN ICH TOT (AND TOMORROW NOON I’M DEAD) (DE), feature film, lead Max Hegewald and supporting Fabian Halbig directed by Frederik Steiner 2013

SCHERBENPARK/ SHARD PARK (DE), feature film, lead Max Hegewald directed by Bettina Blümner 2013

ARNES NACHLASS/ ARNE’S HERITAGE (DE), tv movie, lead Max Hegewald directed by Thorsten Schmidt 2013/ Günter Strack TV Award 2014 for Best Young Actor Max Hegewald

WHO KILLED JOHNNY (US) feature film, leads Carlos Leal & Ernest Allan Hausmann directed by Yangzom Brauen 2013

PUPPE (DOLL) (CH/DE), feature film, lead Sara Fazilat directed by Sebastian Kutzli 2013

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