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Into the spotlight #172

Into the spotlight #172

Zurich international film festival

CARLOS LEAL & LEONARDO NIGRO, star for the feature film SENNENTUNTSCHI, directed by Michael Steiner. The movie was four times nominated at Swiss film prize 2011 and won one award. It will be shown in the section “Bellevue”, info.
Carlos shot in the meantime for the Fox TV show ROSEWOOD, created by Todd Harthan while Leonardo Nigro stared for one episode of the famous German crime series SOKO KÖLN, directed by Sascha Thiel…

Carlos Lealleonardo nigro_photos

SENNENTUNTSCHI, directed by Michael Steiner (trailer)

ELISABETH EHRLICH for the hilarious new feature film directed by Oliver Rihs called  AFFENKÖNIG/ APE KING. It’s a segment of the section “Special screenings”, info


AFFENKÖNIG/ APE KING, directed by Oliver Rihs (trailer)

DANIEL STEINER for RICO, OSKAR UND DER DIEBSTAHLSTEIN, directed by Neele Leana Vollmar in the section “ZFF for kids”, info


MILTON WELSH for a feature film about and with the well known German rapper Cro called UNSERE ZEIT IST JETZT/ OUR TIME IS NOW, directed by Martin Schreier. It’s a “Gala premier” and will be shown for the first time, info


CARO CULT is shooting for the first time for a big feature film she stars for called HIGH SOCIETY, directed by Anika Decker next to Katja Riemann, Jannis Niewöhner and other German well known actors, info

Caro cult Kopie

HIGH SOCIETY, directed by Annika Decker (production pictures)



OUIDAD ELMA stars for a new great short called LA LISIÈRE/ THE EDGE, directed by Simon Saulnier. She was nominated as best actress for the movie at Holy shorts film festival 2015…


LA LISIÈRE/ THE EDGE, directed by Simon Saulnier (short)



now represented by Das Imperium Talent Agency!

an actor for film and theatre. In 2014, he stared for the feature film A MODERN BLUES STORY directed by Pontus Rundqvist. In 2015 he played in several short movies, in one of them, called TAVLAN, directed by Jens Broström, Martin played the main role. In 2016, he already stared in the short movie, HINGSTEN, directed by Ninja Thyberg. Martin just finished the shooting for the short film FÖDELSEDAGEN/ THE BIRTHDAY, directed by Jimmy Scott. He is rehearsing now the performance EGOLAND, directed by Achim Wieland. An intensive one man show performance about the greater ego and how to move masses. With a european tour starting autumn 2017. In January he will also start to shoot for LINGONNATTEN, directed by Erica Elfström which he will also star for…

Martin is native Swedish and speaks English in different accents fluently


Showreel 2015

Into the spotlight #171

Into the spotlight #171

San Sebastian film festival

MIRA FURLAN, stars for the feature film CIRKUS COLUMBIA directed by Danis Tanovic. The movie will be shown in the section “Thematic Retrospective”, info.
Mira shot in the meantime for a lot of projects like SURVIVING ME: THE NINE CIRCLES OF SOPHIE, directed by Leah Yananton, SPACE COMMAND by Marc Scott Zicree and the serieses THE TRAVELER and VERE I ZAVERE

mira furlan
CIRKUS COLUMBIA directed by Danis Tanovic (trailer)

SURVIVING ME: THE NINE CIRCLES OF SOPHIE, directed by Leah Yananton (trailer)

Oldenburg film festival

RASHA BUKVIC stars for the feature film LES BIEN- AIMÉS/ THE BELOVED, directed by Christophe Honoré. The movie will be shown at the festival in the section “Retrospektive” info.
Rasha finished also the projects POVRATAK/ THE RETURN, directed by Predrag Jaksic and APSURDNI EKSPERIMENT, directed by Bosko Ilic which he stars for…
LES BIEN- AIMÉS/ THE BELOVED, directed by Christophe Honoré (scene)

OLIMPIA MELINTE & SILVIA BUSUIOC star for #SELFIE69, written and directed by Cristina Iacob. It’s a sequel to the huge theatrical success of SELFIE (2014) and one of the few sequels in existence of Romanian cinematography. On September 15th was the official premiere of #Selfie69 in Bucharest and today is the official release. The movie was also recently chosen to participate at Festival des Films du Monde de Montréal 2016, info. Silvia finished also the shooting for a Swiss commercial…
#SELFIE69, written and directed by Cristina Iacob (trailer)

Silvias shooting for a Swiss commercial (behind the scenes picture)

FLORIAN HERTWECK now represented by Das Imperium Talent Agency!

He is a Berlin based actor and director for film and theatre. In 2007, he stared for BERLINER REIGEN, directed by Dieter Berner. In 2013, he played in a film, directed by Fabian Möhrke, called MILLIONEN. He recently performed in a short movie, called REQUISITE, directed by Michael Schindegger. He also stars and directed the music videos RADIOAKTIVITÄT by the German band VÖGEL DIE ERDE ESSEN and DLÉ- DER FLUCH DER TANTALIDEN…

Florian is native German and speaks English fluently.
REQUISITE, directed by Michael Schindegger (short)


DLÉ- DER FLUCH DER TANTALIDEN/ Snippet (music video)

ALEXANDER ALBRECHT now represented by Das Imperium Talent Agency!
He graduated from the European Film Actors School Zurich, trained at the Susan Batson Studio in New York and trained with Larry Moss. He has worked in several theatre, TV and cinema Productions. In 2012 he played in a film, called NACHTEXPRESS, directed by Alex E. Kleinberger and in German TV-series, called URBAN HEROES. Recently he played the main role in a short movie, called LA BODA DE BABAL written by himself and directed by Lucia Carreras. After the world premier at the International Film Festival in the official competition the short movie was shown in Mexiko as one of the best short films of the year.
Alexander Albrecht is fluent in German, French, English, Italian and basic in Spanish.

Showreel 2016

DIMITRI STAPFER stars for a new theatre play called HAMLET_STUDIO, directed by Eveline Ratering. A free and young interpretation of the play with Dimitri as Hamlet. The premier was on September 14th at Theater St. Gallen, info
HAMLET_STUDIO, directed by Eveline Ratering (trailer)

Trailer: Hamlet_Studio from theatersg on Vimeo.

Into the spotlight #170

Into the spotlight #170

Toronto international film festival

MEHDI NEBBOU, stars for the great French/ Romanian feature film FIXEUR/ THE FIXER directed by Adrian Sitaru. The movie will be shown in the section “contemporary world cinema” as a world premier, info.
The Festival of German films in Buenos Aires (September 15th to 21st) will screen WIR MONSTER/ WE MONSTERS, directed by Sebastian Ko which Mehdi also stars for…

FIXEUR/ THE FIXER directed by Adrian Sitaru (trailer)

WIR MONSTER/ WE MONSTERS, directed by Sebastian Ko (trailer)

DAMIEN CHAPELLE stars for the French/ Belgian feature film PLANETARIUM, directed by Rebecca Zlotowski and next to Natalie Portman and Lily-Rose Depp. It’s one of the “gala presentations” and a North America premier, info

MEHDI MESKAR stars for the French feature film ORPHELINE/ ORPHAN directed by Arnaud des Pallières. It’s a “special presentation” and a world premier, info. The movie has also been selected for the San Sebastian Film Festival Compétition, info! Below you find Mehdis new showreel…
mehdi meskar
Showreel 2016

We mentioned already our FIRST INTERNATIONAL FEATURE FILM CO-PRO WE DEVELOPED is invited for a co-production event during the „German Sundance“-Oldenburg Filmfestival. AMANDA PLUMMER as one of our lead actors will attend the festival and is also there to receive a “Lifetime achievement award” at the German indie focused film festival, info. For Plummer Oldenburg will screen Terry Gilliam’s The Fisher King, Butterfly Kiss, Michael Winterbottom’s cult lesbian road-movie romance and, of course, Pulp Fiction, the film that made Plummer famous for her brief, unforgettable role as the sweet yet crazily homicidal would-be diner robber Honey Bunny. Georg is invited as special member in the short film section jury…
*photo of Georg Georgi by Dominique Willnauer

FALK HENTSCHEL, for JEAN CLAUDE VAN JOHNSON. Falk’s childhood hero has a new TV show. Vote for it! Watch and Vote for Jean Claude Van Johnson on Amazon!
He did also recently 1 scene in 5 different characters. He was always fascinated with the endless possibilities on how to bring a script to the screen. When we see the final product we always believe that’s the only way it could have been done but nope, there are billion ways to do one thing. We’re not even talking director’s involvement, producers etc, purely the different choices an actor makes. Enjoy…

1 scene in 5 different characters (performance)

RENÉ HEGER finished his shooting for the new mini series DARK/ WEB, info. 
Also the projects LINKS OF LIFE, directed by Marie Roux and PURGATORIUM, directed by Chuck Borden which he stars for are now in post- production
rene heger
BORIS KODJOE & JOHNNY PIENAAR star together for the international, South African/German, independant financed and produced tv series CAPE TOWN, directed by Peter Ladkani. The world premier was on June 29th at Munich film festival. Now it had its premier in South Africa two days ago. Have a look at some new scenes…
Johnny Pienaar
CAPE TOWN, directed by Peter Ladkani (scenes)

JOSEPHINE DE LA BAUME finished her shooting for MADAME, an upcoming French comedy-drama directed by Amanda Sthers. She stars in it next to Harvey Keitel and others. She is also the star of the new Zalando campaign THIS IS NOW (Autumn/ Winter), info. Have a look below…
new Zalando campaign THIS IS NOW Autumn/ Winter (spot)

Behind the scenes with Josephine

KODJOE & PIENAAR for “Cape Town”

KODJOE & PIENAAR for “Cape Town”