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into the spotlight #188

into the spotlight #188

MARTINA SCHÖNE RADUNSKI plays the lead character (JERRY KILLICK & LEONARD KUNZ in supporting characters) in FAKEa really interesting new cinema movie project, developed and directed by Maja Classen.
Pls check the concept trailer & profiles below!

a concept trailer – cinema movie project, developed & directed by Maja Classen.

MARTINA SCHÖNE-RADUNSKI plays the lead role in LUCA TANZT LEISE/LUCA DANCES SILENTLY (not an official translation), directed by Philipp Eichholtz. The film aired in German cinemas on January 19th.


LEONARD KUNZ is nominated as the best actor for his performance in the short film JENNY, directed by Lea Becker. The film will be shown at the MAX OPHÜLS PREIS FILM FESTIVAL Saarbrücken.

JENNY, directed by Lea Becker  (a trailer)

News at the MAX OPHÜLS PREIS Film Festival Saarbrücken info.. 

PAULA KROH stars in WAS ICH DIR NOCH SAGEN WOLLTE/THINGS LEFT UNSAID, a short movie directed by Hans Henschel, the film will be shown in a short film section at the festival. Besides this, Paula finished her shooting for ALPHA GIRL, a short film – drama, directed by  Martin Monk.

WAS ICH DIR NOCH SAGEN WOLLTE/THINGS LEFT UNSAID, directed by Hans Henschel. (a trailer)

MILTON WELSH stars in RAKETTE PERELMAN/ROCKET PERELMAN, a German comedy, directed by Oliver Alaluukas and Oliver Alexander Alaluukas. Besides its World`s premiere at the festival, the film participates in the competition.

RAKETTE PERELMAN/ROCKET PERELMAN, directed by Oliver Alaluukas and Oliver Alexander Alaluukas.

DANIEL STEINER has been starring in the very popular German crime TV series SOKO LEIPZIG for five years already. 

In the newest episode will be focused on Daniel`s character, a nerdy lab-tech hero, named LORENZ RETTIG, who will investigate a new crime case. This episode, called EIN FALL FÜR RETTIG/A NEW CASE FOR RETTIG (not an official translation), is directed by Jörg Mielich and airs on January, 20th at 10pm on ZDF (German national TV Channel).

Daniel Steiner is a part of Stephanie Maiers interactive Social-Network-Installation TWEET UP YOUR LIFE, at the WhiteBox studio, info.. in Munich, Germany. The exhibition runs till February 26th, more info..

EIN FALL FÜR RETTIG/NEW CASE FOR RETTIG (not an official translation), directed by Jörg Mielich (a trailer and a production set picture)

Stephanie Maiers interactive Social-Network-Installation TWEET UP YOUR LIFE at the WhiteBox studio in Munich, Germany. Below photos taken by Daniel Steiner.

JOSEPHINE DE LA BAUME stars in CECILE ON THE PHONE, a short film, directed by Annabelle Dexter-Jones. The film has its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival 2017.
More news about Josephine – she stars in THE HITMAN`S BODYGUARD, directed by Patrick Hughes, alongside Ryan Reynolds, Salma Hayek and Gary Oldman.

THE HITMAN`S BODYGUARD, directed by Patrick Hughes (a trailer)

ASLI BAYRAM is now represented by DAS IMPERIUM..

Asli made her first international appearance in the film JUMP, directed by Joshua Sinclair in 2008.
Later on she starred in many other feature films like SHORTCUT TO HOLLYWOOD (2009), directed by Marcus Mittermeier & Jan Henrik Stahlberg, SEVDAH ZA KARIMA/SEVDAH FOR KARIM, directed by Jasmin Durakovic (2010) and in the Swiss drama 180° – WENN DEINE WELT PLÖTZLICH KOPF STEHT/WHEN SUDDENLY YOUR WORLD SEEMS UPSIDE DOWN, (not an official translation) directed by Cihan Inan, also in 2010. In 2012, Asli played lead both in the thriller/drama BODY COMPLETE, directed by Lukas Sturm and in the drama SHANGHAI GYPSY, directed by Marko Nabersnik.

Further she appeared in Simon Curtis’ history-drama WOMAN IN GOLD (2015) and SEPTEMBERS OF SHIRAZ (alongside Selma Hayek and Adrien Brody), directed by Wayne Blair (2015). The same year Asli starred in the short film drama UNSEEN, directed by Gabrielle Hawes.

Asli is native Turkish/German and speaks English fluently.

SEPTEMBERS OF SHIRAZ, directed by Wayne Blair. (a trailer)

UNSEEN, directed by Gabrielle Hawes. (a trailer)

SHANGHAI GYPSY, directed by Marko Nabersnik. (a trailer)

BODY COMPLETE, directed by Lukas Sturm (a trailer)

into the spotlight #187

into the spotlight #187

ARLY JOVER stars in her first lead role in a German cinema feature film, AXOLOTL OVERKILL, directed by Helene Hegemann. The film will have its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival 2017, info..

Arly also stars in the great Czech-Slovakian cinema co-production MASARYK, directed by Julius Sevcík, which will have its premiere at a special screening at the Berlinale Film Festival 2017.
Alongside Arly, MILTON WELSH and JAMES FLYNN star in the movie.

 has recently finished his shooting for CAMBRIA, a long feature film directed by Alexei Tylevichand as well as for ETERNAL WAR,  a short movie directed by Huan Vu, alongside KATJA WAGNER, BLAKE WORREL and KLARA MUCCI.

ARLY JOVER in AXOLOTL OVERKILL, directed by Helene Hegemann (production set pictures below) and in MASARYK, directed by Julius Sevcík (a trailer below)

JAMES FLYNN in MASARYK, directed by Julius Sevcík (production set picture with James Flynn below) and ETERNAL WAR,  directed by Huan Vu (production set pictures below)

ETERNAL WAR, directed by Huan Vu (production set pictures with James Flynn (Photo 1), Katja Wagner (Photo 2), Blake Worrel (Photo 3) and Klara Mucci (Photo 4)

MARTINA SCHÖNE-RADUNSKIa rising talent from Germany, stars in LUCA TANZT LEISE, a German comedy with a special sense of humor, directed by Philipp Eichholtz. The movie will be shown in German cinemas starting January, 19th, info..

LUCA TANZT LEISE, directed by Philipp Eichholtz (a trailer)



, directed by, Franz Müller with MEHDI NEBBOU(lead role).
TIGER GIRL, directed Jakob Laas with KATJA WAGNERESKINDIR TESFAY and ROBERT MAASER (supporting roles).
, directed by Chad Hartigan with LEVIN HENNING (supporting role).
directed by Sam Garbarski with OLEG TIKHOMIROV (supporting role). This film will have its premiere at the main competition at the Berlinale Film Festival 2017.

Besides this, Oleg finished his shooting for GENIUS, an international TV series directed by Ron Howard as well for STASI JAIL MEMORIAL BERLIN HOHENSCHÖNHAUSEN  (working title,  an independent project based on the history of Berlin directed by Michael Ginsburg (alongside MILTON WELSH).
MEHDI NEBBOU / HAPPY HOUR, directed by, Franz Müller. (below a trailer).

LEVIN HENNING / MORRIS AUS AMERIKA, directed by Chad Hartigan (a trailer below)

OLEG TIKHOMIROV / TV series GENIUS, directed by Ron Howard (production set picture below)

STASI JAIL MEMORIAL BERLIN HOHENSCHÖNHAUSEN (working title), an independent project based on the history of Berlin, directed by Michael Ginsburg

KATJANA GERZ, stars in a German Comedy Show GUTE ARBEIT/ORIGINALS. After taking a look at this project, we can see that Katjana is not only a great actress, but also a great comedian,info… 







into the spotlight #186

into the spotlight #186

OONA AIROLA stars in THE HAPPIEST DAY OF OLLI MÄKI, directed by Juho Kuosmanen, which will be released in German cinemas on January 5th. The movie won „Un Certain Regard“ at the Cannes Film Festival 2016 and ,,European Discovery” at the European Film Awards 2016.

THE HAPPIEST DAY OF OLLI MÄKI, directed by Juho Kuosmanen (a trailer)

ROBERT MAASER, an actor who until today is the most successful competitor in the history of sports, has won 14 world champion titles. Besides acting he works as a stunt coordinator/choreograph, martial arts artist & professional breakdancer.
This is his brand new ACTION REEL, featuring material from the last projects he starred in. Please watch below..

ROBERT MAASER 2016 (a showreel)

STEFANO CASSETTI stars in his first German comedy MARIA MAFIOSI, directed by Jule Reustedt. Please watch below the production set pictures.

MARIA MAFIOSI, directed by Jule Reustedt (production set pictures)

LEONARDO NIGRO, finished shooting for two Swiss cinema movies IL MANGIATORE DI PIETRE, directed by Nicola Bellucci and RIMETTI A NOI I NOSTRI DEBITI, directed by Antonio Morabito and for one German cinema movie, a drama ZWISCHEN DEN JAHREN directed by Lars Henning.

GOTTHARD directed by Urs Eger (a trailer and below the Interview with Silvia Busuioc)

NADJA SETTEL is now represented by das Imperium..

Nadja is an American – French model and actress, who was spotted by a casting director at the age of seven and had a little part in a French feature film. Nadja did star in the feature movies ROCK’N ROLL, directed by Guillaume Canet, NOBODY’S WATCHING, directed by Julia Solomonoff and LA PAILLASSE, directed by Jonathan Safir. Nadja shot for a short movies JE VOUS SALUE, directed by Sarah Valente, INDECISION, directed by Frances Laminat, EN DEVELOPMENT, directed by Jules Lanzaro, BLEU EYES, directed by Giorgio Nevissano, MAUSOLEUM, directed by Sebastian Echorri,  NE ME QUITTE PAS directed by Rémie Mazet. Nadja Settel did star for a tv project as well – TELEVISION THE AFFAIR (Season 3).


SHOWREEL 2015 directed by Natali Blanco

JE VOUS SALUE directed by Sarah Valente