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into the spotlight #176

into the spotlight #176

LEONARD KUNZ, stars for A CURE FOR WELLNESS the new really interesting movie – which is a Horror thriller from visionary director Gore Verbinskis.  Please take a look to the first trailer below, info.

Leonard also stars for Terence Malik`s new movie RADEGUND info.. and is about to shoot for Ron Howard´s directed tv series GENIUS info.. and finally he will start shooting as lead for an episode of the great German crime series DER KRIMINALIST/ THE CRIMINALIST for German public tv channel ZDF, info.

A CURE FOR WELLNESS directed by Gore Verbinskis (trailer and below an interesting set picture)

Festival news:
*Hofer Filmtage
PAULA KROH stars for a really interesting German feature film DAS DUNKLE HAUS AM RANDE DES WALDES/THE DARK HOUSE BY THE WOODS directed by Johannes Leistner, more info..

 DAS DUNKLE HAUS AM RANDE DES WALDES/THE DARK HOUSE BY THE WOODS directed by Johannes Leistner (Production set pictures)

IRINA POTAPENKO stars for GESCHWISTER/BROTHER AND SISTER a German feature film from a very interesting upcoming German director Jan Krüger. This movie will be screened at Hofer Filmtage, more info..GESCHWISTER/BROTHER AND SISTER directed by Jan Krüger (trailer and below set picture) 

*Internacional de cine de Morelia/Mexico

IAZUA LARIOS stars as lead for Mexican feature film LA VOZ DE SUENO/THE VOICE OF A DREAM directed by Analeine Cal Y Mayor which will be screened at the Festival internacional de cine de Morelia/Mexico

LA VOZ DE SUENO/THE VOICE OF A DREAM directed by Analeine Cal Y Mayor (please check these two set pictures from the production below)

ALEXANDER ALBRECHT stars for a short movie called LA BODA DE BABA/BABA’S WEDDING directed by Carreras Lucia & was written by Alexander Albrecht & produced by his partner Edher Campos & himself. The film will be also screened at the Festival internacional de cine de Morelia/Mexico, info.. 

LA BODA DE BABA/BABA’S WEDDING directed by Carreras Lucia (production set picture)

More news

  KRISTINA KLEBE stars side by side with 80ies Action film Icon Dolph Lundgren for DON’T KILL IT a Fantasy-Horror feature film directed by Mike Mendez. The premier of this movie will take place on October 25th in LAinfo.. 

ROBERT MASSER stars for ALLEIN GEGEN DIE ZEIT/AGAINST THE TIME a German feature film project directed by Christian Theede. 
The Premier of this film will take place on October 24th.

ALLEIN GEGEN DIE ZEIT/AGAINST THE TIME directed by Christian Theede (production set picture and a trailer below)

into the spotlight #175

into the spotlight #175

GEORG GEORGI is invited for a panel discussion info.. at the great LES FILMS DE CANNES A BUCAREST 2016 info.., which was founded by absolutely great Romanian director Cristian Mungiu.

Photo by Dominique Willnauer

FIXEUR/FIXERRomanian feature film directed by Adrian Sitaru, will be screened at LES FILMS DE CANNES A BUCAREST 2016. MEDHI NEBBOU has played one of the lead roles in this great movie info..

FIXEUR, directed by Adrian Sitaru (trailer)

STEFANO CASSETTI stared for a feature film SOGNO DI FRANCESCO/DREAM OF FRANCESCO directed by Renaud Fely and Arnaud Louvet, the film is in the Italian cinemas since 6th, Oktober. STEFANO CASSETTI is also shooting for a another french TV series on a TV Channel France 2, called ZONE BLANCHE/WHITE ZONE which will be on TV on 2017.

SOGNO DI FRANCESCO, directed by Renaud Fely and Arnaud Louvet 

MATHILDE IRRMANN  stars for a German TV Channel ZDF for a film called EIN SOMMER IN SÜDFRANKREICH/A SUMMER IN THE SOUTH OF FRANCE directed by Jorgo Papavassiliou. This TV movie will be on air on Sunday, 16th, Oktober at 20:15 Uhr at ZDF/German public TV station.


ELISABETH EHRLICH stars for the hilarious new feature film AFFENKÖNIG/ APE KING directed by Oliver Rihs. This crazy comedy in the tradition of HANGOVER etc was released in German cinema on Oktober 13th.AFFENKÖNIG directed by Oliver Rihs

Elisabeth Ehrlich in the Premier of AFFENKÖNIG, im Kino in der Kulturbrauerei in Berlin on 5th, Oktober

into the spotlight #174

into the spotlight #174

now represented by Das Imperium Talent Agency!

FLORIAN HERTWECK, is a Berlin based actor and director for film and theatre. In 2007, he stars for BERLINER REIGEN, directed by Dieter Berner & stars in another feature  film called MILLIONEN directed by Fabian Möhrke. He recently performed in a short movie, called REQUISITE, directed by Michael Schindegger. He also stars at the absolutely great music video called RADIOAKTIVITÄT of his band VÖGEL DIE ERDE ESSEN.  On 15th of Oktober Florian and another band project called DLÉ will have the release of their first album, called DER FLUCH DER TANTALIDEN.

Florian is native German and speaks English fluently.DLÉ- DER FLUCH DER TANTALIDEN/ Snippet (music video) 2016

RADIOAKTIVITÄT(music video), directed by Moritz Bossmann, 2015

a talent, now represented by Das Imperium Talent Agency!

graduated from the European Film Actors School Zurich, trained at the Susan Batson Studio in New York and trained with Larry Moss. He has worked in several Theater, TV and Cinema Productions. In 2012 he stars in a feature film, called NACHTEXPRESS/NIGHT EXPRESS, directed by Alex E. Kleinberger and in German TV-series, called URBAN HEROES. Recently he played a main role in an international short movie, called LA BODA DE BABA written by himself and directed by Lucia Carreras. In two weeks this short movie will be shown in a short film competition at Mexiko International Film Festival Morelia. Additionaly he wrote his first long feature film, which his Mexican producer is packaging at the moment and Alexander himself will play one of the lead roles.

Alexander Albrecht is fluent in German, French, English, Italian and basic in Spanish. LA BODA DE BABA, written by himself and directed by Lucia Carreras  (production set pictures)


MILTON WELSH and ROBERT MAASER star for UNSERE ZEIT IST JETZTOUR TIME IS NOW, directed by Martin Schreier (besides very popular German rapper Cro and Til Schweiger.UNSERE ZEIT IST JETZT, directed by Martin Schreier (trailer)

RAFAELLE COHEN stars for a beautiful and poetic short film, directed by Stefan Mucchielli.RAFAELLE COHEN, directed by Stefan Mucchielli 2016  (trailer)

OLEG TIKHOMIROV recently finished his shooting for the pilot of a new German TV-Series, called TEMPEL, directed by Philipp Leinemann, which will be screened  in Film Festival Cologne on 13th of Oktober, info…He also finished his shooting for Ron Howard´s international TV-Series GENIUS.

TEMPEL, directed by Philipp Leinemann  (production set pictures)

Into the spotlight #173

Into the spotlight #173

DIMITRI STAPFER & JESSY MORAVEC, recently finished their shooting for a Swiss feature film called LASST DIE ALTEN STERBEN which is nominated for IWC filmmakers award at ZIFF.

LASST DIE ALTE STERBEN, directed by Juri Steinharthael (Production set pictures)

SILVIA BUSUIOC  stars for a guest role for LETHAL WEAPONS a new US TV show created by Matthew Miller. The show airs on September 21st at Fox channel/US and ITV/UK in prime time. If you click her production picture below, you would be redirected to the website where you could watch her fully episode (only for viewers in USA).

LETHAL WEAPONS/  TV Show on FOX Channel. (Production picture)

ENDLESS POETRY directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky, will be released in France on Oktober 5th.  LEANDRO TAUB plays one of the lead character´s of  the poet Enrique Lihn.ENDLESS POETRY directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky (Production picture)

FRANC BRUNEU stars foSABINE a short directed by Sylvain Robineauor. On air at Canal+ Cinéma October 2nd at 10:55 p.m.SABINE, directed by Sylvain Robineauor (trailer starts from sec 20)

KATJANA GERZ lead a new Comedy show GUTE ARBEIT ORIGINALS for a new German online platfortm/channel FUNK from the biggest German public channel.GUTE ARBEIT ORIGINALS, a trailerGUTE ARBEIT ORIGINALS, a trailer