Los Angeles, CA (January 25, 2012)

Instinctive Film/www.instinctivefilm.com has partnered with Das Imperium Management Berlin/www.dasimperium.com to establish an international talent agency network. The Berlin-based film finance, production and development outfit opened Instinctive Management LA under Jeremy Loethen in the US last year representing on screen talent as well as above the line creatives.

Das Imperium MD Georg Georgi, a prominent player on the European talent scene, will move his agency into Instinctive’s Berlin HQ and take over Instinctive Management Berlin’s existing roster of actor talent and manage the merged client list, while Instinctive’s modeling division will be run separately by its incumbent head of operations Diane Gerth. 

The merger will give Instinctive greater access to European talent, with Das Imperium’s diverse multi-lingual upcoming talents roster and links to burgeoning filmmakers offering great potential for casting and developing co-productions for the international market. The company will form an established go-to presence for major Hollywood pictures shooting in Europe. 

Georgi said: “We are delighted to come together with Instinctive Management and create an exciting new network for multi-lingual upcoming talents from whole Europe and abroad. We share the same vision of a fully integrated talent solution for the international coproduction market.”

The move comes after Instinctive opened offices in LA and London as well as launching distribution arm Interactor Media, heralding the arrival of the German Indie as a diverse global player and micro-studio.

Instinctive Film and Management CEO Darryn Welch said: “Georg Georgi and Das Imperium have a strong, long standing reputation in the business. Having someone of Georg’s experience share our vision of building a brand and nurturing talent opens up a lot of opportunities for us both. I am excited to have access to Georg’s knowledge and resources to further strengthen Instinctive’s activities.”

Few example of movies Instinctive film has produced:

THE DIVIDE by Xavier Gens, starring Michael Biehn, Rosanna Arquette, Milo Ventimiglia, Michael Eklund and Lauren German.

THE BANG BANG CLUB by Steven Silver, starring Malin Akerman, Ryan Philippe,Taylor Kitsch.

RETREAT by Carl Tibbetts, starring Thandie Newton, Cillian Murphy and Jamie Bell.

ERRORS OF THE HUMAN BODY by Eron Sheean, starring Karoline Herfurth, Tómas Lemarquis and Michael Ekund

Top Five of Das Imperium act to her client´s:

1.PATAGONIA, directed by Marc Evans, lead NAHUEL P. BISCAYART (selected for the Oscar for a film from a foreign country  2012), + additional: AU FOND DE BOIS; French-German  cinema movie, directed by Benoit Jacquot, lead (selected for French CÉSAR 2011 for best male lead)

2.DREILEBEN/BEATS BEING DEAD, German cinema movie, directed by Christian Petzold, lead LUNA MIJOVIC  + additional: NICK, Dutch/Coatian cinema movie, directd by Fow Pyng Hu, lead and ATMEN/BREATHING, Austrian cinema movie directed by Karl Markovic, supporting (selected for the Oscar for a film from a foreign country  2012)

3.CONAN-THE BARBARIAN, directed by Marcus Nispel, big supporting part MILTON WELSH + additional: BLOODBROTHAZ, German cinema movie, directed by Özgur Yilderim, lead cast

4.SCHLÄFER/SLEEPER, German-Austrian cinema movie, directed by Benjamin Heisenberg, lead MEHDI NEBBOU (First Steps Award/best actor 2007, Un Certain Regard Cannes 2007), + additional: FORCES SPECIALE, French cinema movie, directed by Stephane Ryboyad, big supporting parts Mehdi Nebbou & Raz Degan and THE UPCOMING DAYS, German cinema movie, directed by Lars Kraume, supporting role

5.REVANCHE, Austrian cinema movie, directed by Götz Spielmann, lead IRINA POTAPENKO (selected for the Oscar for a film from a foreign country 2010), + additional: ADUNI, German cinema movie directed by Samira Radsi, lead, PRINZESSIN, German cinema movie, directed by Birgit Grosskopf, lead

Additional few more results of Das Imperium´s work:

  • SENNENTUNTSCHI, Swiss-Austrian cinema movie, directed by Michael Steiner, lead CARLOS LEAL + supporting Leonrdo Nigro + additional: SINESTESIA, Swiss-Italian cinema movie, directd by Eric Bernasconi, lead and NACHBEBEN/AFTERSHOCK Swiss cinema movie, directed by Stina Werenfels, lead
  • WICKIE-THE VIKING, German franchise, directed by part one: Bully Herbig, part two: Christian Ditter, lead cast: NIC ROMM & JÖRG MOUKADDAM + supporting: Gisa Flake
  • ERRORS OF THE HUMAN BODY, directed by Eron Sheean, lead MICHAEL EKLUND, TÓMAS LEMARQUIS + supporting Caroline Gerdolle
  • JOHANNA (WT), Swiss-German cinema movie, directed by Maria von Blumencron, lead YANGZOM BRAUEN
  • SEVEN LUCKY GODS, English cinema movie, directed by Jamil Dehlavi, lead NIK XHELILAJ, + additional: RPG, Portugese/English cinema movie, directed by David Robardo, lead cast
  • THE BIG BLACK, German cinema movie, directed by Oliver Kyr, lead DELPHINE CHANEAC
  • DATING LANCELOT, German cinema movie, directed by Oliver Rihs, lead MANUEL CORTEZ + additional MEIN FREUND AUS FARO/MY FRIEND FROM FARO, German cinema movie, directed by Nana Neul, lead
  • WIE MAN LEBEN SOLL/HOW YOU SHOULD LIVE, Austrian cinema movie, directed by David Schalko, lead AXEL RANISCH (+ additional:  RUHM/GLORY, German cinema movie, directed by Isabell Kleefeld, lead cast
  • DAS WEISSE BAND/THE WHITE RIBBON, Austrian-German cinema movie, directed by Michael Haneke, supporting role LEVIN HENNING + additional: LIEBESLIED/LOVE SONG German cinema movie directed by Anne Hoegh Krohn, big supporting role
  • PUPPE/DOLL Swiss-German cinema movie directed by Sebastian Kutzli, lead SARA FAZILAT
  • CAT RUN, American movie directed by John Stockwell, supporting RADIK GOLOVKOV