Into the spotlight #112

Into the spotlight #112

Hello everybody, sun painted smiles in all faces around us. The Berlin we love so much is awaken again… There are a few really interesting news of our clients which we want to share with you. So please have a look and keep them in mind because…. Greetz from mega busy sunny B, rock´n roll Anne, Manuel & Georg

RENÉ HEGER, in one of our last news mails we introduced him as one of our new cliens and now he we have the first great news of him which we want to share with you because he stars for the feature film CIRCLE, directed by Aaron Hann and Mario Miscione next to Julie Benz (picture below). “What do you get if you cross 12 Angry Men with The Twilight Zone, and then add a pinch of Saw and Lovecraftian horror for seasoning? Well, the result might look a little something like Aaron Hann and Mario Miscione’s upcoming high concept Sci-Fi Horror, CIRCLE.” website/ US article. Here is now the brand new teaser for the movie, check it out…
rene heger
Rene und Julie

FERNANDO TIELVE, stars for THE WORKING DEAD, directed by Fernando Gonzáles which is a kind of comedy version of “The Office meets The Walking Dead”. The movie is selected for the short film corner of Cannes film festival 2015, info

MEHDI MESKAR who speaks fluently French, Italian, English & Arabic & who is now represented by Das Imperium Talent Agency. He stars for feature films like PIZZA E DATTERI, directed by Fariborz Kamkari, IN THE HOUSE, directed by Francois Ozon and also some short films and TV serieses. Please check this great, young, upcoming talent, showreel below, info
mehdi meskar

FREDERIC HEIDORN, stars for a feature film project called AWAYdirected by Kevin Schmutzler, Tobias Schmutzler, info. Nominated for the Cosmic Angel Award, info. German release, May 22nd. Check out the trailer below…

DANIELE RIZZO, stars for the international cinema movie project STUNG, directed by Benni Diez, which had it’s world premier at the Tribeca film festival (picture below), info. Here an interesting critic who wrote “And this review wouldn’t do the film justice without a plug for Larry the keyboard guy (Daniele Rizzo) who is absolutely indispensable at all weddings, christenings and birthday celebrations.”, article. Daniele leads for a new comedy web format of a new internet platform called COMEDY ROCKET which was launched by German TV station RTL, info/ article. It contains exclusively for the internet produced video clips of the French TV channel M6 and comedy clips of the video streaming clipfish which means that you can also watch Danieles well known, extra ordinary interviews there. Check it out below…
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Bildschirmfoto 2015-04-24 um 13.12.33