Into the spotlight #125

Into the spotlight #125

Hello friends, we hope you still enjoy the summer and some hot days in Berlin or wherever you hang around or work at the moment. We are all back at the office and work and a few real great news came up which we want to share with you. So please keep an eye on these talents which we mentioned in our news below. Thx. Greetz from the sweaty work crew Anne, Anna, Manuel & Georg

DANIELE RIZZO, stars for the feature film project STUNG, directed by Benni Diez. Murderous monster wasps become the memorable guests of honor at a sting-heavy wedding…should we say more. The movie is selected for the Fresh Blood award competition at the Fantasy Film Fest, info. And for sure you should have a look on Danieles new crazy interviews with A-listers like Paul Rudd for ANT-MAN which we choose for you today. So have fun with it…
STUNG, directed by Benni Diez (stills)
daniele stung
ANT-MAN INTERVIEW with Paul Rudd and others

DIMITRI STAPFER & MARTINA SCHÖNE- RADUNSKI CARO CULT & DOROTHEE KRÜGER, star for the new feature film project of young director Tom Lass which is called BLIND UND HÄSSLICH/ BLIND AND UGLY. Dimitri who won Swiss Film Award 2014 as best support actor plays the male lead role in it. The shooting is wrapped now and we want to show you a few great pictures from the shooting of his special character….
drei für tom
BLIND UND HÄSSLICH/ BLIND AND UGLY, directed by Tom Lass (set pictures)
dimitri blind und hässlich

EMMA DROGUNOVA, stars for a interesting TV movie project called WOLFSLAND/ WOLFLAND directed by Andre Erkaund and wrapped her shooting recently. She also stars for a new music video from Rapsta feat. Jenny Marsala- Unter Wasser/ Under water. Pls watch the video below…
WOLFSLAND/ WOLFLAND directed by Andre Erkaund (set picture)
Rapsta feat. Jenny Marsala- Unter Wasser/ Under water, music video

ROBERT MAASER with finally a few more pictures of the new box office hit MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: ROGUE NATION, directed by Christopher McQuarrie side by side with Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg and others. Check it out, info