Into the spotlight #140

Into the spotlight #140


KARREN KARAGULIAN, stars as male lead for the great feature film TANGERINE (which is shot for the first time completely on I-phone) directed by Sean Baker (won Spirit award for STARLET last year where Karren also starred in!). The movie got the Gotham Independent Film Audience Award and also the Breakthrough Actor award for Mya Taylor, info
TANGERINE, directed by Sean Baker (scene picture)

KRISTINA KLEBE, stars for the motion picture DEMENTIA, directed by Mike Testin. Dementia is being released on December 6th by IFC Midnight, info
Bildschirmfoto 2015-12-03 um 12.34.27
Kristina Klebe
DEMENTIA, directed by Mike Testin (trailer)

KRISTOF KONRAD, stars for the absolutely great short BREATH, directed by Paul Kowalski. Have a look below at the official trailer…
BREATH, directed by Paul Kowalski (trailer)

MARKO MANDIC, stars for a new perfomance called PYLADE, by Pier Paolo Pasolini directed by Ivica Buljan. Today will be the opening night at La Mama Experimental Theatre Club in New York. He is Pylade and the show will be performed through out December 18th, info. Check out the trailer and the poster…
PYLADE, by Pier Paolo Pasolini directed by Ivica Buljan (poster)
Marko Mandic in Pylade at La Mama in New York
PYLADE, by Pier Paolo Pasolini directed by Ivica Buljan (trailer)

RICHARD KEEP, stars for this extreme successful EDEKA christmas commercial which went viral to one of the most successful commercials in Germany of all time which is called HEIMKOMMEN/ COMING HOME directed by Alex Feil (which has actually more than 27 Million clicks after only 5 days !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

directed by Alex Feil (commercial)

ELYAS KHAN & CARO CULT, both talents star for the short IN GO(L)D WE TRUST” HALF POET HALF ANIMAL a short film for a friend of DAS IMPERIUM, the great Moroccan designer Amine Bendriouich for his presentation for STYLE ARABIA Award 2015 (directed by a friend of him). The short was shot in Casablanca and features Caro Cult as “The Golden Girl”, Elyas Khan as “The Gold Djinn” and the designer Amine Bendriouich himself as “Half Poet/Half Animal”. Elias composed also the music for it and performed recently at the Edinburgh Fringe six shows a week for Michael Pfitzners LIMBO. Caro is now shooting for the feature film BESTE ZEIT/ BEST TIME, directed by Patrick Suite where she’s playing the lead role…
Elyas Khan
Michael Pfitzners LIMBO (behind the scenes pic)
ELYAS in LIMBO by Michael Pfitzner1
IN GO(L)D WE TRUST” HALF POET HALF ANIMAL for the designer Amine Bendriouich (short)