Into the spotlight #158

Into the spotlight #158

NEWS – Cannes aftermath & more – SPOTLIGHT #158
The screening of ENDLESS POETRY/ POESÍA SIN FIN, directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky which LEANDRO TAUB stars for, was really sucessful, review. Please have a look at some pictures from the movie. On Saturday will be the 032c magazine release by Ralf Schmerberg with Leandro & ROBERT ALAN PACKARD, a new client of Das Imperium Talent Agency, website + facebook
, directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky (scene pictures)

ROBERT ALAN PACKARD is the only Yankton Sioux American Indian in Germany and also a unique actor. In 1999 he stars for the German feature film SONNENALLEE directed by Leander Haußmann. In 2001 he stars for the German feature film DER SCHUH DES MANITU directed by Michael “Bully” Herbig. In 2016 he stars for the German feature film WINNETOU & OLD SHATTERHAND directed by Philipp Stölzl, in which he was also the first consultant concerning the American Indian culture. Recently he shot for the new Michael “Bully” Herbig feature film called BULLYPARADE- DER FILM. He is also a very successful photo model and appears in several music videos. Robert is a very talented stone sculptor and the only one in Europe who produces the traditional sioux-pipes. Besides that he is the ambassador for the shoe fashion label “Sioux”. 
Robert is native Indian American and speaks English fluently.
Robert Alan Peckard

BULLYPARADE- DER FILM, directed Michael “Bully” Herbig 2016
robert und bully

MICHAEL SCHERTENLEIB & CARO CULT star for a cinematic Virtual Reality (VR) experience titled “Cockatoo Spritz” directed by Stephane Barbato for a new VIRTUAL TECHNOLOGY developed by Starbreeze AB/StarVR Stockholm/Paris. Have a look below, it’s a new dimension of watching, info. Caro Cult stars also for three new music videos (Sarah Connor, Prinz Pi & Marco Barotti) and a fashion clip for Ruby…

MICHAEL SCHERTENLEIB (on the left) for Cockatoo Spritz
CARO CULT (on the left) for Cockatoo Spritz
Sarah Connor- Kommst du mit mir (official music video)

Ruby fashion film, directed Ersin Cilesiz and David Onuora

MEHDI NEBBOU shows again his comedy talent after the huge success of the French comedy JOSÉPHINE and the sequel JOSÉPHINE S’ARRONDIT. He stars for Christian Ulmens tv series MANN-FRAU/ MAN-WOMAN, written and directed by Jana und Johann Buchholz, website. Every Thursday/ 11:30 pm/ ARD, info you can watch an hilarious Mehdi. While Mehdi is also still in cinemas with the feature film HAPPY HOUR, directed by Franz Müller, he finished recently the shooting for a next feature film called TIERE/ ANIMALS, directed by Greg Zglinski which he also stars for…
MANN-FRAU/ MAN-WOMAN, directed by Jana und Johann Buchholz (“He’s a Freak”)

MANN-FRAU/ MAN-WOMAN, directed by Jana und Johann Buchholz (“Being a woman”)

STEFANO CASSETTI, stars for OUTSIDE THE BOX directed by Philip Koch. German cinema release on May 26th. Check the trailer…
OUTSIDE THE BOX directed by Philip Koch (trailer)

OUTSIDE THE BOX directed by Philip Koch (scene picture)

PAULA KROH stars for the new music video of Maxim. The song is called “Willkommen im Club”/ “Welcome to the club”…
Maxim- Willkommen im Club/ Welcome to the club (music video)