Into the spotlight #161

Into the spotlight #161

BORIS KODJOE & JOHNNY PIENAAR star together for the international, South African/German, independant financed and produced tv series CAPE TOWN, directed by Peter Ladkani. The world premier of the first two episodes will be on June 29th at Munich film festival in the section “New German Series”, info. Boris will attend the screening together with his wife Nicole Ari Parker. The celebrity couple from the US will also star for two new tv series in the US, more later.
Johnny Pienaar stars also recently for the reboot of the mini series ROOTS, an adaptation of Alex Haley’s “Roots”, chronicling the history of an African slave sold to America and his descendants…

Johnny Pienaar
CAPE TOWN, directed by Peter Ladkani (trailer)

ROOTS, mini series (trailer)

At Munich film festival there will be also a screening of ENDLESS POETRY/ POESÍA SIN FIN, directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky which LEANDRO TAUB stars for as the poet Enrique Lin in the section “CineMasters Competition”, info and review
ENDLESS POETRY/ POESÍA SIN FIN, directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky (scene picture)

ANNA KÖNIG stars for two feature films at Munich film festival which will be shown in competition. 5 FRAUEN/ 5 WOMEN, directed by Olaf Kraemer together with STEFANO CASSETTI, info. Stefano entered recently the cast of the French tv-series ZONE BLANCHE for french national channel France2. The second movie Anna stars for is called DIE HANNAS/ THE HANNAS, directed by Julia C. Kaiser, info
fünf frauen kombi
fünf frauen
5 FRAUEN/ 5 WOMEN, directed by Olaf Kraemer (scene picture)
DIE HANNAS/ THE HANNAS, directed by Julia C. Kaiser (scene picture)

ELISABETH EHRLICH is featured in the new cinema project of Oliver Rihs called AFFENKÖNIG/ MONKEY KING which will be also in the competition, info
AFFENKÖNIG/ MONKEY KING, directed by Oliver Rihs (scene pic)

HENNING GRONKOWSKI & OLIVIA KUNDISCH, star for Klaus Lemkes feature film UNTERWÄSCHELÜGEN/ UNDERWEARLIES, which will also be shown in competition at Munich film festival, info. Henning shot recently in L.A. his first US feature film called CALIFORNIA DREAMS, directed by Mike Ott. The movie was later on screened at Champs-Élysées Film Festival in Paris. He is also the lead for a commercial campaign for OCB cigarette papers. Together with another clients of ours CARO CULT, he stars for a great music video for Marco Barotti – NEVER TALK AGAIN. Pls have a look below…
Plakat Unterwäschelügen7

UNTERWÄSCHELÜGEN/ UNDERWEARLIES, directed by Klaus Lemke (trailer)

Marco Barotti- Never talk again (music video)

LEVIN HENNING stars for the cinema project MORRIS AUS AMERIKA/ MORRIS FROM AMERICA, directed by Chad Hartigan. The movie will be shown in the category “International Independents” as German premier at Munich film festival, info. At the moment he is shooting for the TV movie FRÜHLING/ SPRING, directed by Thomas Jauch…
Levin Henning

produced the feature film DINKY SINKY, directed by Mareille Klein which will have its world premier in the category “New German Cinema“, info
Fabian Halbig

LASHA BAKRADZE, stars for the German/ French/ Georgian feature film production GOD OF HAPPINESS directed by Dito Tsintsadze. German cinema release on June 23rd, info
Lasha neu
GOD OF HAPPINESS directed by Dito Tsintsadze (trailer)