Into the spotlight #162

Into the spotlight #162

BORIS KODJOE & NICOLE ARI PARKER, the celebrity couple from the US we represent comes around with some great news. Boris stars together with JOHNNY PIENAAR for the international, South African/German, independantly financed and produced tv series CAPE TOWN, directed by Peter Ladkani. After the world premier of the first two episodes at film fest Munich, the complete 1st season will be aired as binge watch option (3 episodes each day), on July 4th & 5th, at UNIVERSAL´s channel 13th Street from 09 pm, info.
Boris´role for the CBS series CODE BLACK, turned now from an episodic character into one of the leads of this series and he will return to shoot for the next episodes in the beginning of July, info. Nicole will co- star for the new ABC series TIME AFTER TIME. Using the 1979 novel by Karl Alexander and movie as a starting point, Time After Time chronicles the epic adventures of young H.G. Wells, info


An important German newspaper announced in an Interview article
“Hollywood export Boris Kodjoe gets started for German TV”
(click on the picture below to read the whole German article)…

Bildschirmfoto 2016-06-29 um 13.03.00
NEW TRAILER!!! CAPE TOWN, directed by Peter Ladkani
Bildschirmfoto 2016-06-29 um 14.55.23
CBS’ series CODE BLACK (scene)

FALK HENTSCHEL, while his huge success in the US with the DC comic series LEGENDS OF TOMORROW (soon also on German TV!), he finished recently his first shooting for the lead role in the German production JACK THE RIPPER, directed by Sebastian Riemann which was shot in Lithuania. He plays the role of Frederic Abberline…
JACK THE RIPPER, directed by Sebastian Niemann (behind the scenes picture)

TORSTEN VOGES, did some great new and different projects. Recently the brand new trailer of 31 (directed by Rob Zombie) was released. He stars for the feature film as “Death Head” but Torsten stared also recently for The DO- OVER, directed by Steven Brill next to Adam Sandler again, for a short called CLOWNS AND HEROES, directed by Ralf Strathmann and for a music video of the band Theory of a dead man for the song “Drown”. A new cinema project he stars for will be released in November. It’s called TITANIUM WHITE, directed by Piotr Smigasiewicz…
31, directed by Rob Zombie (trailer)

The DO- OVER, directed by Steven Brill (trailer)

CLOWNS AND HEROES, directed by Ralf Strathmann (trailer)

Theory of a dead manDrown (music video)

RAPHAEL ROGER LEVY & LIZZIE BROCHERÉ, star together for a new great short called AMOR AMOR, directed by Marc Obin. Pls have a look at some first pictures from the movie…
Bildschirmfoto 2016-06-30 um 11.37.30
Bildschirmfoto 2016-06-30 um 11.36.39

ANGELIQUE CAVALLARI is shooting at the moment for the feature film SEGUIMI/ FOLLOW ME, directed by Claudio Sestieri. She stars for it as the lead character Marta, a former (ex) Olympic diver who, after a series of traumatic events, including a serious accident in the pool, left the great city and moved to a small village…
This is a really challenging complex and fascinating role for her. For the occasion, the actress has also changed her look. “Follow me” is almost entirely filmed in Matera (Italy)…
Collage Angelique Cavallari
SEGUIMI/ FOLLOW ME, directed by Claudio Sestieri (production pictures)