into the spotlight #190

into the spotlight #190

NEWS – into the SPOTLIGHT #190

We decided to split our news into two Newsletters for this week because…

ESKINDIR TESFAY, actor who besides acting, works as a martial arts choreographer and a stunt men, stars in the Chinese action-comedy production KUNG-FU YOGA alongside Jackie Chan, directed by Stanley Tong. A new action-packed trailer with amazing footage of ESKINDIR has just been released. Enjoy!

Pls check his profile and the trailer below!

ESKINDIR TESFAY in KUNG-FU YOGA (2017), directed by Stanley Tong

CARLOS LEAL gives a fantastic performance playing in the German two-part exile-drama
AS LANDGERICHT (2017), directed by Matthias Glasner, where he played an important supporting role. The first part aired on January, 30th on the German network ZDF and can still
be watched on the ZDF Mediathek website link…. The second part is to be aired on February,
1st – also on ZDF – at 20:15h CET.
Pls check Carlos’ profile and the screenshot below!
CARLOS LEAL in DAS LANDGERICHT (2017), directed by Matthias Glasner (screenshot) 


LEONARD KUNZ just won the award for Best Junior Actor at the MAX-OPHÜLS-
2017 for his outstanding performance in the German movie
JENNY (2017), directed by Lea Becker.  info…

 Pls check the picture from the award show and the trailer below!
LEONARD KUNZ in JENNY, directed by Lea Becker (2017)

SILVIA BUSUIOC stars as an interesting supporting character in the new TV adaption
LETHAL WEAPON (2016 – ), created by Matthew Miller. The episode called SURF’N’TURF
(original title)/FISH & CHIPS (official German title) featuring SILVIA will air on February, 13th
on the German TV channel Sat 1 at 20:15 (CET). 

Pls check her profile and the video below!


RUDOLF MARTIN is now represented by DAS IMPERIUM…

Rudolf Martin is a German actor, born and raised in Berlin. After his theatrical education, he
established an acting carrer in New York City. He is know for his performances in international
feature film productions such as PASSWORD SWORDFISH, directed by Dominic Sena
(2001),  PIG/IDENTITY REPORT, directed by Henry Barrial (2011) and TV movie
production DARK PRINCE directed by Joe Chappelle (2000) and his reoccuring roles in popular American TV shows such as 24, NAVI NCIS and CHOOSERS & BEGGARS.

He also played various guest roles in a lot of famous TV series like MAD MEN, DEXTER, THE MENTALIST – to name only a few. Lately he was starring in the pilot for the TV adaptation of LETHAL WEAPON (just like DAS IMPERIUM talent SILVIA BUSUIOC). Rudolf recently moved back to Berlin and work between US & Germany.

Rudolf Martin is native German and speaks English fluently.

CROSSING, directed by Arthur Ian 2016 (trailer)

PIG, directed by  Henry Barrial 2011 (trailer)

HYENAS, directed by Eric Weston 2011 (trailer)