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Spotlight #15: Rasha Bukvic for Die Hard 5, Delphine Chanéac for The Transporter and more

Hello everybody, to much good news for one post on Facebook and to much letters for one Twitter tweed…
So please have a look for this great news of our clients for October 2012.

RASHA BUKVIC stars for A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD, directed by John Moore, he plays THE villain Alik,
the first teaser is now released, have a look!!!


DELPHINE CHANÉAC stars for TRANSPORTER- THE SERIES directed by Stephen Williams and others, produced by Luc Besson. It started on October 11th in Germany on RTL with really good TV ratings. 2,04 Millionen of the 14- to 49- year- old saw it! Next episode on October 18th, 08:15pm, RTL, Trailer

DIETER LANDURIS stars for THE CHILD, directed by Zsolt Bács, German cinema release October 18th,
with a big tour through Germany with the director and the author of the book Sebastian Fitzek, Info

DIETER LANDURIS finished his shooting for the new TV series DIE SPECKNERS and will be on the big stage again for EWIG JUNG at the Renaissance theatre Berlin in November.

DANIELE RIZZO stars first time for a feature film called STUNG directed by Benni Diez.
Please have a look for his brand new funny interview with Colin Farrell, Jessica Beal and Kate Beckinsale


YANGZOM BRAUEN reached the goal to fund her first project as director WHO KILLED JOHNNY stars CARLOS LEAL, MAX LOONG and ERNEST ALLAN HAUSMANN. Thanks to everybody who supported Yangzom! Info / Behind The Scenes

NEW represented by Das Imperium talent agency: SERGEJ ONOPKO
he stars also for A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD and will be in L.A. from October 30th…

NEW represented by Das Imperium talent agency: CESAR RAMOS
He speaks fluent German and lives now in Berlin. Lead in TRADE directed by Marco Kreuzpaintner, Trailer

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