Into the spotlight #153

Into the spotlight #153

THIS YEARS ACHTUNG BERLIN FESTIVAL (info) will take place from April 13th-20th in Berlin-Brandenburg and shows several short-, feature-, or documentary films from all over the world at chosen cinemas spread over Berlin. We are proudly announcing that five of our represented talents star for several films which will be shown in the scope of ACHTUNG BERLIN FESTIVAL:

MARTINA SCHÖNE-RADUNSKI stars as Luca in the feature film LUCA TANZT LEISE/ DANCING QUIETLY, (info) a “loveletter to everyone who has to fight to get out of bed every morning”, directed by Philipp Eichholtz, which had its premiere at the 37.th Filmfestival Max Ophüls Preis in January. Make sure not to miss it, screenings will be from April 15th to 17th -> info. Also check out the different categories as documentary, middle-length, or berlin highlights.
LUCA TANZT LEISE/ DANCING QUIETLY, directed by Philipp Eichholtz
Lucatanztleise mit Martina

MARTINA also stars in FOOD FIRST (info) side by side with our clients DANIEL STEINER and MILTON WELSH,  by the spanish director Pol Ponsarnau. Screenings will be in three different cinemas in Berlin from 18th – 20th of April… -> info
DANIEL STEINER, stars for FOOD FIRST, directed by Pol Ponsarnau
daniel steiner
FOOD FIRST, directed by Pol Ponsarnau (trailer)


MILTON WELSH stars for FOOD FIRST as well as for BACK FOR NOTHING, check it out below…

stars for FOOD FIRST, directed by Pol Ponsarnau as well as for BACK TO NOTHING, (info) directed by Miron Zownir, which is categorized in “BERLIN HIGHLIGHTS” at the ACHTUNG BERLIN FESTIVAL. In BACK TO NOTHING a group of freaks subsist as city nomads in an uncontrolled ghetto, doomed for demolition. Check out the trailer below and don’t miss the screenings at 14th and 15th of April -> info


KETEL WEBER stars as “KETELMAN” for  DER MANN IM SPAGAT/ PACE, COWBOY, PACE directed by Timo Jacobs which will be the opening feature film at the ACHTUNG BERLIN FESTIVAL this year. The movie has it’s world premiere on Wednesday, April 13th and can be seen until the 16th at several screenings in Berlin -> info
DER MANN IM SPAGAT/ PACE, COWBOY, PACE directed by Timo Jacobs (teaser)

EMMA BRETSCHNEIDER a young new upcoming talent stars for MISSION, directed by Lydia Dykier. The movie has it’s world premiere on Monday, April 18th and can be seen also on the 19th in Berlin -> info
Emma Brettschneider
showreel 2016

KATJANA GERZ – you should definitely pay attention to our great bilingual STAND UP COMEDY TALENT ->info. Besides acting She will be performing her comedy show this month in various venues in Berlin. To get an impression check out the video below… Katjana will also record a stand up comedy podcast performance for Audible.de next thursday for the Comey Cafe Show
COMEDY SHOW (performance- english version)



LEVIN HENNING stars for the German/ Danish feature film project UNTER DEM SAND/ LAND OF MINEdirected by Martin Zandvliet. The movie was awarded at Rotterdam film festival with the Warsteiner Audience Award. The Award is given to the filmmaker of the film in the official selection with the highest average vote in the audience poll, infoThe feature film could be seen at several film festivals before it’s official release in German cinemas at the 7th of April. Levin is rated as an upcoming actor for international films in the “Potsdamer News” ->info.
Levin Henning_2014
LAND OF MINE/UNDER SANDET, directed by Martin Zandvliet (trailer)