into the spotlight 185

into the spotlight 185
COSMINA STRATAN leads in the most popular crime series on German Television, TATORTdirected by Markus Imboden. The episode, called KLINGELINGELING airs on December 26th on German national TV channel ARD on prime time, at 20:15.

TATORT (KLINGELINGELING) directed by Markus Imboden.

TATORT, Interview with Cosmina Stratan for TV channel ARD.

CRISTINA FLUTUR another Romanian actress, who received the Best Actress Award at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival together with COSMINA STRATAN for their performance in the film of Cristian Mungiu, BEYOND THE HILLSfinished shooting for the drama HAWAI/also known as URUGUAY directed by Jesús del Cerro, and for the swedish short film WHEN I DIE THE WORLD ENDS, directed by Jennifer Rainsford.
Cristina now stars in the Turkish-German drama GRAIN, directed by Semih Kaplanoglu, alongside the two talents represented by DAS IMPERIUM, Jean Marc Barr and Ermin Bravo.. We keep our fingers crossed, as the producers of this film applied for Berlinale 2017 competition.

WHEN I DIE THE WORLD ENDS, directed by Jennifer Rainsford (production set pictures)

IAZUA LARIOS, leads the cast of the new prime time series WINNETOU; a new interpretation of the 60ies and the 70ies classic film by the same name, directed by Philipp Stölzl, which premieres on RTL Television on Christmas day and continues on December 27th and 29th, at 20:15.

WINNETOU, directed by Philipp Stölzl (a trailer)


CARLOS LEAL & SILVIA BUSUIOC starred in the largest-scale Swiss TV production GOTTHARD, directed by Urs Eger.  After airing on the major public Swiss channels: SRF, RSI and RTS, the TV series garnered 993,000 viewers in its premiere. After the TV series aired in Germany on TV channel ZDF, it was the most popular program in primetime; the second part of the film attracted a total of 4.51 million viewer, info..

GOTTHARD directed by Urs Eger (a trailer and below the Interview with Silvia Busuioc)


ROBERT MAASER finished shooting for the horror-thriller cinema movie THE DARE, directed by Giles Alderson, more info.. and for the comedy RONNY & KLAID, directed by Erkan Acar.

THE DARE, directed by Giles Alderson (production set pictures)

RONNY & KLAID, directed by Erkan Acar (production set pictures)

DANIEL STEINER, since 2012, plays the role of Lorenz Rettig in the German crime TV series, SOKO LEIPZIGThe episode called DER KANAL, directed by Oren Schmuckler, will air on December 23rd on ZDF in prime time, at 21:15.

SOKO LEIPZIG, directed by Oren Schmuckler (production set picture and a trailer)