into the spotlight #204

into the spotlight #204

NEWS – into the spotlight #204

And again MICHALINA OLZANSKAwho stars in a documentary drama series 18 – CLASH OF FUTURES, directed by Jan Peter & co-directed by Frederic Goupil.

Michalina just finished her role for the Polish drama SYN KROLOWE SNIEGU/THE SON OF SNOW QUEEN, a modern fairy tale, directed by Robert Wichrowski.
She also stars in the Russian historical drama SOBIBOR, directed by Andrey Malyukov, the film will have its premiere in Russia on May 5.

Pls check Michalina`s profile, set pictures below and the trailer below!

18 – CLASH OF FUTURES, directed by Jan Peter & co-directed by Frederic Goupil. (production set pictures):

SYN KROLOWE SNIEGU/THE SON OF SNOW QUEEN, directed by  Robert Wichrowski.(production set pictures):

SOBIBOR, directed by Andrey Malyukov. (trailer)(only in Russian language):

LEONARDO NIGRO just finished starring in two Swiss projects:SEITENTRIEBE, a TV series, written & directed by Güzin Kar, and in the feature film IL MANGIATORE DI PIETRE, directed by Nicola Bellucci.
On Saturday, May 6th, he is participating in the popular Swiss TV prime time Live-Show HELLO AGAIN, next to stars like Germany`s top star Helene Fischer, info..

Pls check the profile of Leonardo and the set pictures below.SEITENTRIEBE, directed by Güzin Kar. (production set picture) IL MANGIATORE DI PIETRE, directed by Nicola Bellucci. (production set picture)

CHRISTIAN WAGNER starred in the music video for the German band I AM GIANT, in their song called DEAD FLOWER.

Pls check out Christian`s profile and the music video below! 
I AM GIANT – DEAD FLOWER. (music video)

BRYERLY LONG starred in Fukada Koji’s feature film SAYONARA, the film will have its premiere in France on May 10.
SAYONARA, directed by Fukada Koji. (trailer)

VICTOIRE LALY is preparing for the theatre piece CALL ME QUEEN, directed by Thandi Sebe. The show will be presented at the Ballhaus Naunynstrasse, a theatre that focuses on post-migrant cultural productions, info..

Don`t miss the show at the Ballhaus Naunynstrasse, on May, 25!CALL ME QUEEN, directed by Thandi Sebe (production set picture)

Newly represented by DAS IMPERIUM!


Madalina is a Romanian actress, who lives in London. She has performed in various stage plays. Her most notable television appearance was in the TV series THE YOUNG POPE, alongside Jude Law, directed by Paolo Sorrentino. 

Madalina’s Bollywood debut is with an Indian horror film DOBAAR:SEE YOUR EVIL, directed by Prawaal Ramana and Leena Tandon, the film will premiere in India on May, 19.

In 2016 she starred in the drama UNDERCOVER HOOLIGAN, directed by  Nicholas Winter. 

This year Madalina stars in the horror film ROCK BAND VS VAMPIRES, directed by Raed Abbas, and in the Italian comedy ALICE NON LO SA, directed by Diego Amodio. 

Madalina has also just been cast for the feature film HOMELESS ASHES, directed by Marc Zammit.

Madalina is native Romanian speaker and speaks fluently in English, Italian, French, Spanish and Hindi!!!

THE YOUNG POPE, directed by Paolo Sorrentino. (trailer)
TWISTED SOBRIETY directed by Steve Hally. (trailer)