spotlight #83

spotlight #83

Hi lovely friends & funky bizz partners & cinema lovers, there a few really interesting news of our clients we want to share with you because we are proud of what they did…So let´s go for it…

JOHN ROBINSON is now represented by Das Imperium Talent Agency. Here are just three examples of incredible movies he stars for (ELEPHANT by Gus van Sant, LORDS OF DOGTOWN by Stacey Peralta, BIG SUR by Michael Polish…). Recently he shot for example ROOM 105 directedby Patrick Mulvihill, info and INTRUDER directed by Travis Zariwny which he both stars for info
John Robinson Collage

ROBERT MAASER who is now represented by Das Imperium Talent Agency is unbelievable on many fields. He is an actor and is shooting now for the new MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 5 directed by Christopher McQuarrie next to Tom Cruise, Simon Pegg, Vingh Rames, Alec Baldwin and others. He has so many skills and can do them on a really high level. He is a champion for PARCOUR. He is an ex professional for gymnastics. He is umpteenth time world champion for gymwheel. He is an professional break dancer & professional stuntman. Have a look at his acting and sport reel!
Robert Maaser_Bösewicht_Collage

ROLAND MØLLER is now represented by Das Imperium Talent Agency. He is actually shooting and stars for the international coproduction cinema movie UNDER SANDET/LAND OF MINE together with our young talent LEVIN HENNING (below) directed by Martin P. Zandvliet and won the Danish film award in 2013…but please have a look below… and keep ROLAND MØLLER in mind, he is such a great powerful talent. Yipp.

Den Der Viser Vej (2013)

Northwest (2013)

A Hijacking (2012 where he won the Danish film award in 2013 as best supporting actor)

LEVIN HENNINGfinished his shooting for UNDER SANDET/ LAND OF MINE directed by Martin P. Zandvliet. MILLIONEN/ MILLIONS directed by Fabian Möhrke (director of the many times awarded short PHILIPP, lead MAX HEGEWALD) screened at last years Hof international film festival and awarded at Achtung Berlin film festival 2014. Now the TV premier on September 01st/ 00:20 am/ ZDF and again September 5th/ 08:15 pm and September 06th/ 00:35 info
Levin Henning_2014
Levin Henning_Millionen