spotlight #84

spotlight #84

Hi lovely friends & funky bizz partners & cinema lovers, there a few really interesting news of our clients we want to share with you because we are proud of what they did…So let´s go for it…

FRANC BRUNEAUstars for PEOPLE ARE STRANGE directed by Julien Hallard. Premiere on September 06th/ 0:25 am/ ARTE, info. Franc will shoot for two movies in September and October for example LA BELLE SAISON, directed by Catherine Corsini and WEST COAST, directed by Benjamin Weill…


DIETER MEIER is now represented by Das Imperium Talent Agency. One of the two founding members of the group Yello (you might remember the track “Oh Yeah” thumping its way through Ferris Bueller’s Day Off), Meier has built up an artistic entrepreneurial mountain as multifaceted as Christian Bale’s personality.  The gregarious Zurich native’s other attainments include directing various films and videos (Alphaville’s Big in Japan), a short stint as a professional poker player, info.
DIETER MEIER will play live with his Band on September 06th at the Arena Park in Berlin to promote his new album “Out of chaos”, info


1987: OHYEAH


2014: the new single of his music side project OUT OF CHAOS – LOVEBLIND


One example of a movie Dieter directed, played in and produced:
2001: LIGHTMAKER directed & produced by Dieter Meier/ Berlinale 2001 (Zbignew Zamachowski, Cornelia Grolimund, Dieter Meier, Malgorzata Potocka, Rod Steiger):


MAX HEGEWALD stars for MORD AM HÖLLENGRUND/ MURDER AT HELLGROUND, directed by Maris Pfeiffer, September 08th/ 08:15 pm/ ZDF, info. Max is also already shooting for MORDKOMMISSION ISTANBUL/ HOMICIDE SQUAD ISTANBUL, directed by Thomas Jauch and will shoot for the new season of the well known, famous series WEIßENSEE, directed by Friedemann Fromm.



DANIEL DONSKOY is now represented by Das Imperium Talent Agency, have a look at this new, potential actor (ask us for more material)…