into the spotlight #179

into the spotlight #179
FALK HENTSCHELan actor who is on a way to become a big shot in the USA, stars for the German TV movie adaptation of JACK THE RIPPER directed by Sebastian Niemann, the film will have a cinema premiere in Munich on the November, 10th and will be broadcast on private German TV channel SAT1 on primetime (8:15pm) at November 29th.

JACK THE RIPPER, directed by Sebastian Niemann (production set pictures)

JERRY KILLICK as a lead & DAMIEN CHAPELLE star for the Belgian feature film GALOPPING MIND directed by Wim Vandekeybus.  The film is shown in the competition of CINEDAYS festival 2016 in Skopje info..


GALOPPING MIND directed by Wim Vandekeybus (a trailer)

MICHALINA OLZANSKA  will play the part of Pola Negri for a really special documentary/fiction series, a co-production between Germany, France & Luxembourg, called CLASH OF FUTURES – 18, created and directed by Jan Peter & co-directed by Frederic Goupil. Pls check the first teaser below. Also she stars for a crazy mermaid musical from Poland, directed by Agniezka Smoczynska, CORKI DANCINGU/THE LURE.

CLASH OF FUTURES – 18, created and directed by Jan Peter &  Frederic Goupil (a teaser)

CORKI DANCINGU/THE LURE, directed by Agniezka Smoczynska (a trailer) 

IRINA POTAPENKO stars for GESCHWISTER/BROTHER AND SISTER an  interesting German feature film by a very talented upcoming German director Jan Krüger. The movie was released in German cinemas at November 3rd.

GESCHWISTER/BROTHER AND SISTER directed by Jan Krüger (a trailer)

SVANDIS DORA EINARSDOTTIR is now represented by D.I.T.A..

Svandis is an Icelandic actress, who graduated at the Iceland Academy of Art & stars for many productions at the National Theatre of Iceland. In 2016 she stars for Icelandic feature film IN FRONT OF OTHERS, directed by Oskar Jonasson. Besides this, she stars for another Icelandic cinema movie HARRY OG HEIMIR/HARRY & HEIMIR, directed by Bragi or Hinriksson (2014) and for two Icelandic TV series LAVA FIELD directed by Reynir Lyngdalwhich and BORGARSTJORINN/THE MAYOR directed by Jon Gnarr, which will air in Iceland on  November 13th.

Svandis Dora Einarsdottir is native Icelandic, speaks English, Danish, Swedish and a little bit of French and German.

IN FRONT OF OTHERS, directed by Oskar Jonasson (a trailer)

BORGARSTJORINN/THE MAYOR directed by Jón Gnarr  (a trailer)

JADE SAKORI is now represented by D.I.T.A..

Jade is a great Israelian actress, known for TV series  DREAM HOUSE directed by Haim Buzaglo and for a great cinema movie called BARASH directed by Michael Vinik. This lesbian coming of age feature film won a lot of Awards for the best film and for the best actress. The film is now out in German cinemas.

Jade is native Hebrew, speaks fluently in English and Russian.

BARASH directed by Michael Vinik (a trailer and production set picture)