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into the spotlight #186

into the spotlight #186

OONA AIROLA stars in THE HAPPIEST DAY OF OLLI MÄKI, directed by Juho Kuosmanen, which will be released in German cinemas on January 5th. The movie won „Un Certain Regard“ at the Cannes Film Festival 2016 and ,,European Discovery” at the European Film Awards 2016.

THE HAPPIEST DAY OF OLLI MÄKI, directed by Juho Kuosmanen (a trailer)

ROBERT MAASER, an actor who until today is the most successful competitor in the history of sports, has won 14 world champion titles. Besides acting he works as a stunt coordinator/choreograph, martial arts artist & professional breakdancer.
This is his brand new ACTION REEL, featuring material from the last projects he starred in. Please watch below..

ROBERT MAASER 2016 (a showreel)

STEFANO CASSETTI stars in his first German comedy MARIA MAFIOSI, directed by Jule Reustedt. Please watch below the production set pictures.

MARIA MAFIOSI, directed by Jule Reustedt (production set pictures)

LEONARDO NIGRO, finished shooting for two Swiss cinema movies IL MANGIATORE DI PIETRE, directed by Nicola Bellucci and RIMETTI A NOI I NOSTRI DEBITI, directed by Antonio Morabito and for one German cinema movie, a drama ZWISCHEN DEN JAHREN directed by Lars Henning.

GOTTHARD directed by Urs Eger (a trailer and below the Interview with Silvia Busuioc)

NADJA SETTEL is now represented by das Imperium..

Nadja is an American – French model and actress, who was spotted by a casting director at the age of seven and had a little part in a French feature film. Nadja did star in the feature movies ROCK’N ROLL, directed by Guillaume Canet, NOBODY’S WATCHING, directed by Julia Solomonoff and LA PAILLASSE, directed by Jonathan Safir. Nadja shot for a short movies JE VOUS SALUE, directed by Sarah Valente, INDECISION, directed by Frances Laminat, EN DEVELOPMENT, directed by Jules Lanzaro, BLEU EYES, directed by Giorgio Nevissano, MAUSOLEUM, directed by Sebastian Echorri,  NE ME QUITTE PAS directed by Rémie Mazet. Nadja Settel did star for a tv project as well – TELEVISION THE AFFAIR (Season 3).


SHOWREEL 2015 directed by Natali Blanco

JE VOUS SALUE directed by Sarah Valente

into the spotlight 185

into the spotlight 185

COSMINA STRATAN leads in the most popular crime series on German Television, TATORTdirected by Markus Imboden. The episode, called KLINGELINGELING airs on December 26th on German national TV channel ARD on prime time, at 20:15.

TATORT (KLINGELINGELING) directed by Markus Imboden.

TATORT, Interview with Cosmina Stratan for TV channel ARD.

CRISTINA FLUTUR another Romanian actress, who received the Best Actress Award at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival together with COSMINA STRATAN for their performance in the film of Cristian Mungiu, BEYOND THE HILLSfinished shooting for the drama HAWAI/also known as URUGUAY directed by Jesús del Cerro, and for the swedish short film WHEN I DIE THE WORLD ENDS, directed by Jennifer Rainsford.
Cristina now stars in the Turkish-German drama GRAIN, directed by Semih Kaplanoglu, alongside the two talents represented by DAS IMPERIUM, Jean Marc Barr and Ermin Bravo.. We keep our fingers crossed, as the producers of this film applied for Berlinale 2017 competition.

WHEN I DIE THE WORLD ENDS, directed by Jennifer Rainsford (production set pictures)

IAZUA LARIOS, leads the cast of the new prime time series WINNETOU; a new interpretation of the 60ies and the 70ies classic film by the same name, directed by Philipp Stölzl, which premieres on RTL Television on Christmas day and continues on December 27th and 29th, at 20:15.

WINNETOU, directed by Philipp Stölzl (a trailer)


CARLOS LEAL & SILVIA BUSUIOC starred in the largest-scale Swiss TV production GOTTHARD, directed by Urs Eger.  After airing on the major public Swiss channels: SRF, RSI and RTS, the TV series garnered 993,000 viewers in its premiere. After the TV series aired in Germany on TV channel ZDF, it was the most popular program in primetime; the second part of the film attracted a total of 4.51 million viewer, info..

GOTTHARD directed by Urs Eger (a trailer and below the Interview with Silvia Busuioc)


ROBERT MAASER finished shooting for the horror-thriller cinema movie THE DARE, directed by Giles Alderson, more info.. and for the comedy RONNY & KLAID, directed by Erkan Acar.

THE DARE, directed by Giles Alderson (production set pictures)

RONNY & KLAID, directed by Erkan Acar (production set pictures)

DANIEL STEINER, since 2012, plays the role of Lorenz Rettig in the German crime TV series, SOKO LEIPZIGThe episode called DER KANAL, directed by Oren Schmuckler, will air on December 23rd on ZDF in prime time, at 21:15.

SOKO LEIPZIG, directed by Oren Schmuckler (production set picture and a trailer)



into the spotlight 184

into the spotlight 184

EUROPEAN FILM AWARD 2016  –  and the award goes to…  
THE HAPPIEST DAY IN THE LIFE OF OLLI MAKI, directed by Juho Kuosmanen won the European Discovery Award 2016 at the EUROPEAN FILM AWARD 2016 where OONA AIROLA stars as a female lead in the absolutely great Finnish movie.
Take look to the trailer of this great movie below…

THE HAPPIEST DAY IN THE LIFEOF OLLI MAKI, directed by Juho Kuosmanen. (a trailer)


ADAM IDL ROHWEDER  stars for the first time in a German cinema movie – the psychological thriller A YOUNG MAN WITH HIGH POTENTIAL, directed by Linus de Paoli, where he played next to Amanda Plummer. The first trailer you can find below.         Another project, Adam is shooting for, is a Danish action-drama  GAELDEN, directed by Stefan Olsen, info..

A YOUNG MAN WITH HIGH POTENTIAL, directed by Linus de Paoli. (a trailer)

MARTINA SCHÖNE – RADUNKSI  stars in DER LANGE SOMMER DER THEORIEa cinema movie directed by Irene von Alberti. Martina just finished her shooting as a lead character in the cinema movie SO WAS VON DA, directed by Jakob Lass.

DER LANGE SOMMER DER THEORIE, directed by Irene von Alberti (production set pictures)

SO WAS VON DA, directed by Jakob Lass (production picture)


NEWS from our represented Romanian talents..

COSMINA STRATAN & our new client ALEX POTOCEAN star in a Romanian short film, called ANATHEMA directed by Andreea Cristina Bortun, info..
Also COSMINA stars in another short movie, called PROLOGEN, directed by Stefan Constantinescu & Carl-Eric Rinsch´s (47 RONIN & THE GIFT) self developed new project WHITE HORSE.

ANATHEMA directed by Andreea Cristina Bortun. (production set pictures)

PROLOGEN/PROLOGUES directed by Florin Serban. (production set picture)


COSMINA STRATAN & our new client VALERIU ANDRIUTA star in a romanian feature film DOG directed by multi awarded Romanian director Florin Serban.

(production set pictures and a trailer below)


Welcome to LILLY KIRSTEN who is now represented by D.I.T.A

Lilly is an actress who sometimes works as a model & recently shot in the US short movie called iCUPID, directed by Zaina Salameh. Lilly shot a few movies & a lot music videos like WE COME ALIVE directed by Ghosts Of Our Former Selves or MISS YOUdirected by James Hersey, as well she did a bunch of commercials for feature films director Florian Cossen.

Lilly is native German and speaks English fluently.

WE COME ALIVE directed by Steve Glashier (music video)

MISS YOU directed by Schall&Schnabel (music video)

ALCON directed by Florian Cossen (TVC)

ERNEST&YOUNG, directed by Simon Cracknell

into the spotlight 183

into the spotlight 183

IAZUA LARIOS,  our great Mexican client, stars in a new interpretation of the 60ies and the 70ies classic WINNETOU, directed by Philipp Stölzl. The triology will have its premiere in Munich, Germany on 12th, December and will air on German private TV channel RTL on Christmas time December, 24th-26th, at prime time. more info..

WINNETOU, directed by Philipp Stölzl (below a trailer and production picture)


EUROPEAN FILM AWARD 2016 ceremony on Dec 10th, 2016 in Wroclaw, info.. LIVE translation,will be streamed here from 20:15 CET on HBO 2, ARTE and other channels, the exact time and channel for your country please find under the link, info..

VALERIU ANDRIUTA stars in BACALAUREAT/GRADUATION directed by Cristian Mungiu, the director was nominated as the best European director and the best European screenwriter.
OONA AIROLA plays one of the lead roles in THE HAPPIEST DAY IN THE LIFEOF OLLI MAKI, directed by Juho Kuosmanen. This film received a nomination for European Discovery.

MICHALINA OLZANSKA stars in I OLGA HEPNAROVA , directed by Tomas Weinreb and Petr Kazda, the film was selected for European Film Awards 2016.
She won the award for best actress at the 23nd Minsk International Film Festival LISTAPAD for her performance in this great Slovak-Polish co-production.

AISTE DIRZIUTE, Lithuanians shooting star at the Berlinale 2016, is honoured to be chosen to give an award to one of the winners of this years European Film Award ceremony.  Recently she finished her shooting as lead in the Latvian historical drama NAMEJA GREDZENS/THE RING OF KINGS, directed by Aigars Grauba.


VALERIU ANDRIUTA in BACALAUREAT/GRADUATION directed by Cristian Mungiu (a trailer)

OONA AIROLA in THE HAPPIEST DAY IN THE LIFEOF OLLI MAKI, directed by Juho Kuosmanen. (a trailer)

MICHALINA OLZANSKA in OLGA HEPNAROVA, directed by Tomas Weinreb and Petr Kazda (a trailer) 

AISTE DIRZIUTE in NAMEJA GREDZENS/NAMEJ`S RING, directed by Aigars Grauba (an interview with Aiste)


CARLOS LEAL & SILVIA BUSUIOC played lead roles in the largest-scale Swiss TV production GOTTHARD directed by Urs Eger, which had its world premier on the big screen at Locarno Film Festival 2016 and will air now on all three major public Swiss channels SRF, RSI and RTS on primetime. On December,11th at 20:05 on SRF at 20:40 on RSI  and on December, 12th at 20:05 on SRF and at 21:10 on RSI and at 20:45 and at 22:20 on RTS.  The TV series will have its premiere in Germany on December,19th/20th on ZDF channel and in Austria on ORF channel on December, 19th/20th info.. 


GOTTHARD directed by Urs Eger (a trailer, an Interview with Carlos Leal and production set picture with Silvia)


JUDITH WILLIQUET,  our talent from Belgium, stars in a fabulous music video for a band Oodezenne, called CABRIOLET. Also Judith stars in the European campaign for the discounter brand LIDL.

Oodezenne – CABRIOLET (Official Music Video)

LIDL,  the European campaign for the discounter brand LIDL.


LU HUANG leads in the Chinese drama A YELLOW BIRD, directed by K Rajagopal. The film was released today at Singapore International Film Festival, info..
Besides this, she just finished shooting for the Chinese crime movie  BLOOD 13, directed by Candy Li, and for a drama A HORSE WITH HOPE, directed by Hai-bin Bai. Right away Lu continues shooting for the sci-fi crime-drama  CITIES OF LAST THINGS , directed by Wi Ding Ho, where she plays a lead role.

A YELLOW BIRD, directed by K Rajagopal (a trailer and below a picture from Singapore International Film Festival)

into the spotlight #182

into the spotlight #182

KRISTINA KLEBE a German, US based actress stars in the psychological drama thriller HER DARK PAST directed by  Kevin Shulman. The film was released on 27th, November on Lifetime Channel.
Kristina finished her shooting`s for two US cinema movies POLICE STATE directed by Kevin Arbouet and at SARA`S CELL, directed by  Kevin Shulman.

HER DARK PAST directed by  Kevin Shulman (below a trailer and production set picture)

FIXEUR/FIXERRomanian feature film directed by Adrian Sitaru, will be screened at International Film Festival Marrakech. MEDHI NEBBOU has played one of the lead roles in this great movie.

FIXEUR/FIXER, directed by Adrian Sitaru (a trailer)

MEHDI MESKAR leads the italian comedy NON C’È PIÙ RELIGIONE directed by Luca Miniero. The film will be shown on 7th, December at the Italian cinemas. 
Mehdi also stars in a poetic-lyrical  short movie LOST IN HOPE directed by Aline Hochscheid.

NON C’È PIÙ RELIGIONE directed by Luca Miniero (a trailer)

LOST IN HOPE directed by Aline Hochscheid (a trailer)

OONA AIROLA now represented by das Imperium.. 

Oona is a Finnish actress and singer. She has a Master of Arts degree in acting from the Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki. She has starred in the theatre and in movies. In 2016 she stars in a long feature film, the winner of the Certain Regard section of the Cannes Film Festival  THE HAPPIEST DAY IN THE LIFE OF OLLI MAKI, directed by Juho Kuosmanen and in a Finnish TV police series ROBA, created by Timo Varpio. In 2015 Oona stars in a long feature film SORCERESS, directed by Naama Kates, which will be published in 2017. Oona Airola composes, writes the lyrics and sings in Lada Nuevo and Ykspihlajan Kino Orkesteri.  Together with Ykspihlajan Kino-Orkesteri Airola has composed also music to Juho Kuosmanen’s films: ROMU MATTILA JA KAUNIS NAINEN (silent film)(2012) and THE HAPPIEST DAY IN THE LIFE OF OLLI MAKI (2016).

Oona is native finish, fluent in Swedish and English, speaks basic Russian.

THE HAPPIEST DAY IN THE LIFE OF OLLI MAKI, directed by Juho Kuosmanen (a trailer)

SORCERESS, directed by Naama Kates (a trailer)

Oona Airola – KAIKU (Official Music Video)

FRANC BRUNEU leads in a french black and white movie CLITOPRAXIS directed by Emmanuel Laborie. Besides this film he has also played a role in a short film SERVAL AND CHAUMIER; MASTERS OF SHADOWS directed by Bastien Daret and Arthur Goisset, which was shown during the Independant Film Festival Rome(25.11-01.12) info..  and in a movie called LE GRAND BAIN/HOME SWIM HOME, directed by Valérie Leroy, info.. 

CLITOPRAXIS directed by Emmanuel Laborie (a trailer and production set picture)

SERVAL AND CHAUMIER; MASTERS OF SHADOWS directed by Bastien Daret and Arthur Goisset (production set picture)

LE GRAND BAIN/HOME SWIM HOME, directed by Valérie Leroy (a poster)

into the spotlight #181

into the spotlight #181

FALK HENTSCHEL stars as lead for German TV movie adaptation of JACK THE RIPPER directed by Sebastian Niemann, the film will be on air German TV channel SAT1 on primetime (8:15pm), November 29th.
Falk also stars for TV series LEGENDS OF TOMORROWthe new episode RIVER OF TIME airs on The CW on November 28th, 8/7c (2am. CET) and will be on air in Germany on November 30th at TV channel Pro 7.
Falk also did recently finish his shooting for the short romance THE BIG SWIM, directed by Kat Green.

JACK THE RIPPER, directed by Sebastian Niemann (a trailer)

JACK THE RIPPER, directed by Sebastian Niemann (an interview with the actors)

LEGENDS OF TOMORROW episode RIVER OF TIME (below a trailer and production set picture)

THE BIG SWIM, directed by Kat Green (production set picture)

TORSTEN VOGES stars for the crime-thriller adventure TYTANOWA BIELA/WHITE TITANIUN directed by Piotr Smigasiewicz, info.. The film will be released in Poland on November 25th.
Torsten stars for the comedy SCRAMBLED directed by Frank Reina and is shooting for the NBC TV show GRIMM, for an episode called WHERE THE WILD THINGS WERE.

TYTANOWA BIELA/WHITE TITANIUN directed by Piotr Smigasiewicz (production set pictures)

SCRAMBLED directed by Frank Reina (a trailer)

CARLOS LEAL  stars as male lead for the US feature film WILLIE AND ME, a feature film opposite Eva Hassmann, who also wrote and directed this movie.
Carlos stars as lead for the feature film GORMAN directed by Roman Wyden and besides these projects, he also stars (next to Piper Perabo) for an episode for ABC networks TV series NOTORIOUS created by Josh Berman and Allie Hagan. This episode airs on December 8th at 9/8c (3am CET) info..

WILLIE AND ME, directed by Eva Hassmann (production set picture)

GORMAN directed by Roman Wyden (production set picture)

NOTORIOUS, ABC TV series, created by Josh Berman and Allie Hagan (a trailer) 

MEHDI NEBBOU stars for OKKUPERT/OCCUPIEDNorway’s most successful (and expensive) TV series, shown on Netflix directed by Jens Lien. Romanian feature film FIXEUR/THE FIXER, directed by Adrian Sitaru will be shown in the competition of Marrakech International Film Festival, (Mehdi played one of the lead roles in it!) info..

JOANNA KULIG stars in a Polish action-crime cinema movie PITBULL:NOWEPORZADKI/PITBULL:NEW ORDERS directed by Patryk Vega, which got more than 850.000 entrees after 4 days of release. You will remember Joanna from this year´s Sundance competition selected French cinema movie AGNUS DEI/THE INNOCENTS directed by Anne Fontaine.

PITBULL:NOWE PORZADKI/PITBULL:NEW ORDERS directed by Patryk Vega (a trailer)

AGNUS DEI/THE INNOCENTS directed by Anne Fontaine (production set picture)

into the spotlight #180

into the spotlight #180

ANGELIQUE CAVALLARIstars as the lead for the poetic science fiction movie MANCANZA – PUGATORIO/LACK – PURGATORY, directed by Stefano Odoardi. The film was released on Oktober, 25th and now is shown in Italian cinemas, info..

LACK PURGATORI, directed by Stefano Odoardi (a trailer and a poster)

LEANDRO TAUB leads in a film of the beloved director Alejandro Jodorowsky, ENDLESS POETRY/ POESÍA SIN FINthe film will be released in German cinemas on Novemer, 21st. Leandro just finished shooting the lead role for the South African – Indian CO-Production cinema project WOODWIND, directed by Fin Manjoo, info..or info..

WOODWIND directed by Fin Manjoo (production set pictures)

CLARA MONTOCCHIO stars for first international TV series from Austria, a fantasy/action adventure in WIENERWALD, directed by Jan Woletz. The premiere will be on November, 21st in Vienna, info..

WIENERWALD, directed by Jan Woletz (a trailer and production pictures)


SILVIA BUSUIOC stars for LETHAL WEAPON a Warner Bros tv show broadcasted on Fox channel/US and ITV/UK in prime time, created by Matthew Miller. The tv series will have its release in January also in German television (Pro 7). At the moment Silvia is shooting for another US tv show – HBOs Emmy winning VEEP.

LETHAL WEAPONS, tv show on FOX channel, created by Matthew Miller. (below short clips from the episode)

ADAM ILD ROHWEDER is now represented by D.I.T.A..

Adam Ild Rohweder graduated from the Ophelia school of acting in Copenhagen in 2010, and has been working on stage, tv and film.
He is an actor, known for GULDKYSTEN/GOLDCOAST, directed by Daniel Dencik, THE SHAMERS DAUGHTER directed by Kenneth Kainz and THE ABSENT ONE directed by Mikkel Norgaard amongst others.
Adam had his debut on Danish national television in OLE BORNEDALS ‘1864’, since then he has worked with many different kinds of roles. In 2016 he already shot for a film called THE DEBT, directed by Stefan Olsen, for SCHÄNDUNG/ANTBOYdirected by Ask Hasselbalch, a short movie DELPHIdirected by Søren Peter Langkjær Bojsen and for first time for German/Luxembourg co-production drama-thriller A YOUNG MAN WITH HIGH POTENTIAL, directed by Linus de Paoli.

Adam is native Danish and speaks English fluently.

A YOUNG MAN WITH HIGH POTENTIAL, directed by Linus de Paoli (production set pictures)

GULDKYSTEN/GOLDCOAST, directed by Daniel Dencik (a trailer)


into the spotlight #179

into the spotlight #179

FALK HENTSCHELan actor who is on a way to become a big shot in the USA, stars for the German TV movie adaptation of JACK THE RIPPER directed by Sebastian Niemann, the film will have a cinema premiere in Munich on the November, 10th and will be broadcast on private German TV channel SAT1 on primetime (8:15pm) at November 29th.

JACK THE RIPPER, directed by Sebastian Niemann (production set pictures)

JERRY KILLICK as a lead & DAMIEN CHAPELLE star for the Belgian feature film GALOPPING MIND directed by Wim Vandekeybus.  The film is shown in the competition of CINEDAYS festival 2016 in Skopje info..


GALOPPING MIND directed by Wim Vandekeybus (a trailer)

MICHALINA OLZANSKA  will play the part of Pola Negri for a really special documentary/fiction series, a co-production between Germany, France & Luxembourg, called CLASH OF FUTURES – 18, created and directed by Jan Peter & co-directed by Frederic Goupil. Pls check the first teaser below. Also she stars for a crazy mermaid musical from Poland, directed by Agniezka Smoczynska, CORKI DANCINGU/THE LURE.

CLASH OF FUTURES – 18, created and directed by Jan Peter &  Frederic Goupil (a teaser)

CORKI DANCINGU/THE LURE, directed by Agniezka Smoczynska (a trailer) 

IRINA POTAPENKO stars for GESCHWISTER/BROTHER AND SISTER an  interesting German feature film by a very talented upcoming German director Jan Krüger. The movie was released in German cinemas at November 3rd.

GESCHWISTER/BROTHER AND SISTER directed by Jan Krüger (a trailer)

SVANDIS DORA EINARSDOTTIR is now represented by D.I.T.A..

Svandis is an Icelandic actress, who graduated at the Iceland Academy of Art & stars for many productions at the National Theatre of Iceland. In 2016 she stars for Icelandic feature film IN FRONT OF OTHERS, directed by Oskar Jonasson. Besides this, she stars for another Icelandic cinema movie HARRY OG HEIMIR/HARRY & HEIMIR, directed by Bragi or Hinriksson (2014) and for two Icelandic TV series LAVA FIELD directed by Reynir Lyngdalwhich and BORGARSTJORINN/THE MAYOR directed by Jon Gnarr, which will air in Iceland on  November 13th.

Svandis Dora Einarsdottir is native Icelandic, speaks English, Danish, Swedish and a little bit of French and German.

IN FRONT OF OTHERS, directed by Oskar Jonasson (a trailer)

BORGARSTJORINN/THE MAYOR directed by Jón Gnarr  (a trailer)

JADE SAKORI is now represented by D.I.T.A..

Jade is a great Israelian actress, known for TV series  DREAM HOUSE directed by Haim Buzaglo and for a great cinema movie called BARASH directed by Michael Vinik. This lesbian coming of age feature film won a lot of Awards for the best film and for the best actress. The film is now out in German cinemas.

Jade is native Hebrew, speaks fluently in English and Russian.

BARASH directed by Michael Vinik (a trailer and production set picture) 

into the spotlight #178

into the spotlight #178

OLEG TIKHOMIROV stars for a German Crime TV Series BABYLON BERLINdirected by Tom Tykwer, Hendrik Handloegten & Achim von Borries.
Oleg recently finished his shooting for an episode for TEMPEL, a new German TV-Series directed by Philipp Leinemann. He also shot for GENIUS an international TV-Series, directed by Ron Howard.


BABYLON BERLIN directed by Tom Tykwer, Hendrik Handloegten, Achim von Borries (production set pictures below)


MICHALINA OLZANSKA mega busy like always (she lead two cinema movies in 2016 plus she shot for an interesting music video of popular Polish singer….. The Czech drama  I, OLGA HEPNAROVA directed by Tomas Weinreb and Petr Kazda is nominated for European Film Award. Michalina recently finished her shooting as lead for MUZZIKANTIa Czech/Polish cinema movie co-production directed by Dusan Rapos. Right before she stars as Matilda for a new cinema movie project directed by a great russian director Aleksey Uchitel.


 I, OLGA HEPNAROVA directed by Tomas Weinreb and Petr Kazda (a trailer)

MATILDA, directed by Aleksey Uchitel (a trailer)

Kasia Klich – W TOBIE TONE (music video)


LEVIN HENNING stars for American-German Coming of Age Film directed by Chad Hartigan MORRIS FROM AMERIKAThe film had its Premier in Sundance Film Festival 2016, was represented at the Filmfest Munich, is at the moment at Tokyo International Film Festival. Since yesterday, November 3rd the movie is also released in German cinemas. 

MORRIS AUS AMERIKA directed by Chad Hartigan (private picture made during Premier of the film)


ALEX POTOCEAN is now represented by D.I.T.A..
He studied Ion Cojar’s method acting under Ion Cojar and Mircea Gheorghiu at National University of Theatre and Film from Bucharest, where he won the award for Best Supporting Actor with his performance of Kevin in Simon Stephen`s PORT. Alex got awarded by the Romanian Cinematographers Union the prize for best actor, for NOBODY IN THIS WORLD, directed by Andreea Valean.  Recently Alex finished his shooting for a film BLANA/LET IT RIP directed by Tudor Botezatu. In 2016 he stars for a film called BY THE RAILS, directed by Catalin Mitulescu and for a film called BY PASS, directed by Nap Toader. In 2015  Alex plays for a film SCOR ALB/TIE,  directed by Marius Olteanu and in 2013 he stars for a short movie, called SUNDAY, directed by Sinziana Nicola.

Alex Potocrean is native in Romanian, and fluent in English, Russian and French. 

BLANA, directed by Tudor Botezatu 2016


BY PASS, directed by Nap Toader 2016

SCOR ALB/TIE,  directed by Marius Olteanu 2015 

into the spotlight #177

into the spotlight #177

TORSTEN VOGES stars for 31 – a horror film, directed by Rob Zombie. Since yesterday, 27th, Oktober the film is shown in German cinemas info..  You might will remember him from his remarkable role of The Gymnast for Netflix comedy THE DO OVER directed by Steven Brill, next to Adam Sandler and for his role of Nihilist Franz in a legendary black comedy THE BIG LEBOWSKIdirected by Joel and Ethan Coen.

31 directed by Rob Zombie (trailer)

THE DO OVER directed by Steven Brill (trailer)

THE BIG LEBOWSKI directed by  Joel Coen and Ethan Coen (production set picture)

Copyright: © 1998 Polygram Filmed Entertainment


LEANDRO TAUB recently finished his next lead role for the South African – Indian CO-Production cinema project WOODWIND, directed by Fin Manjoo.

WOODWIND (Production set picture)

MARIA EVOLI our new client stars as lead for the post – absolutely great – visionary apocalyptic feature film TENEMOS LA CARNE/ WE ARE THE FLESH, written and directed by Emiliano Rocha Minter. At the Festival Internacional de Cine de Morelia,info..

TENEMOS LA CARNE/ WE ARE THE FLESH directed by Emiliano Rocha Minter (trailer and below set pictures) 


VALERIU ANDRIUTA is from now on represented by D.I.T.A..

He stars for many inspiring great cinema movies (just as one example – he played remarkable roles in all of the movies of great Romanian director Cristian Mungiu)…His last collaboration with Cristian Mungiu –  BACALAUREAT, film won Palm D´ Or at Cannes film festival for best script in 2016. In 2015 and 2016 he stars for Russian TV Series HOMELAND, directed by Pavel Lungin, PAVEL directed by Alex Ranta and for MAY 31 directed by Igor Chistol.
You might will remember him from his remarkable role of the priest for the multiple awarded feature film BEYOND THE HILLS directed by Cristian Mungiu who won besides many other Awards the Golden Palm for best screenplay and was selected as Romanians entry for the Academy Awards for a film from a foreign country in 2013.

Valeriu Andriuta is native in Romanian and Russian, fluent in English.


BACALAUREAT/GRADUATION directed by Cristian Mungiu 2016

BEYOND THE HILLS directed by Cristian Mungiu


MALIK BLUMENTHAL is now represented by D.I.T.A..

He recently finished his shooting for a German cinema movie KALTE WASSER/COLD WATER, directed by Raymond Ley. In 2016 he stars for a music video WAR from rapper CAPSA FT. KEITH FLINT, directed by great Berlin based director Matt Lambert with who he shot another great short movie HEILE GANSJE in 2013.
In 2016, Malik played as lead for a great short movie ONE COLOR SELF-PORTRAIT, directed by Vincente de Solminihac and for the German cinema movie UNS GEHT ES GUT/WE ARE FINE directed by Henri Steinmetz.

Malik Blumenthal is native in German, and fluent in English and Spanish.
Photo by Alina Albrecht

WAR, directed by Matt Lambert 

HEILE GANSJE, directed by Matt Lambert


GIGI FANTASIO SPELSBERG (GFS) is now represented by D.I.T.A..

She is a transgender artist and actress, who has worked as an assistant for Kai Kuhne/Björk in New York, has collaborated with such artists as Olof Dreijer (The Knife)/Oni Ayhun (Warsaw/London/Berlin), Planningtorock (London/Paris/Berlin), Goro Tronsmo, Roxymore and Aerea Negrot (Oslo) and Leonor Scherrer (Paris).   In 2016, during the short artist residency in New Zealand, she stars for FREE FROM DRAG, an art project she produced by herself in a collaboration with artist Black Cracker.  In 2015 Gigi stars for a fictive unisex advertising campaign video EAU DE FANTASIO, produced together with the artist collective called paneperpoveri which was shown on a parallel event during the 59th Venice Art Biennale. Besides this she stars for a German movie SMILE directed by Steffen Köhn and had been seen as cameo at Yony Leyser´s cinema movie DESIRE WILL SET YOU FREE. Gigi stars also for an advertising campaign for PVC a unisex perfume and a multilayer performance of erotics of memory and politics of GFS.  This project was presented as an architectural installation,during Gallery Weekend Berlin 2016.

Gigi Fantasio is native French/South African and is also fluent in German and English.

FREE FROM DRAG 2016 (art video project in collaboration with Black Cracker)

EAU DE FANTASIO by PANEPERPOVERI 2015 (a fictive unisex advertising campaign video)

SMILE directed by Steffen Köhn (production set picture)

into the spotlight #176

into the spotlight #176

LEONARD KUNZ, stars for A CURE FOR WELLNESS the new really interesting movie – which is a Horror thriller from visionary director Gore Verbinskis.  Please take a look to the first trailer below, info.

Leonard also stars for Terence Malik`s new movie RADEGUND info.. and is about to shoot for Ron Howard´s directed tv series GENIUS info.. and finally he will start shooting as lead for an episode of the great German crime series DER KRIMINALIST/ THE CRIMINALIST for German public tv channel ZDF, info.

A CURE FOR WELLNESS directed by Gore Verbinskis (trailer and below an interesting set picture)

Festival news:
*Hofer Filmtage
PAULA KROH stars for a really interesting German feature film DAS DUNKLE HAUS AM RANDE DES WALDES/THE DARK HOUSE BY THE WOODS directed by Johannes Leistner, more info..

 DAS DUNKLE HAUS AM RANDE DES WALDES/THE DARK HOUSE BY THE WOODS directed by Johannes Leistner (Production set pictures)

IRINA POTAPENKO stars for GESCHWISTER/BROTHER AND SISTER a German feature film from a very interesting upcoming German director Jan Krüger. This movie will be screened at Hofer Filmtage, more info..GESCHWISTER/BROTHER AND SISTER directed by Jan Krüger (trailer and below set picture) 

*Internacional de cine de Morelia/Mexico

IAZUA LARIOS stars as lead for Mexican feature film LA VOZ DE SUENO/THE VOICE OF A DREAM directed by Analeine Cal Y Mayor which will be screened at the Festival internacional de cine de Morelia/Mexico

LA VOZ DE SUENO/THE VOICE OF A DREAM directed by Analeine Cal Y Mayor (please check these two set pictures from the production below)

ALEXANDER ALBRECHT stars for a short movie called LA BODA DE BABA/BABA’S WEDDING directed by Carreras Lucia & was written by Alexander Albrecht & produced by his partner Edher Campos & himself. The film will be also screened at the Festival internacional de cine de Morelia/Mexico, info.. 

LA BODA DE BABA/BABA’S WEDDING directed by Carreras Lucia (production set picture)

More news

  KRISTINA KLEBE stars side by side with 80ies Action film Icon Dolph Lundgren for DON’T KILL IT a Fantasy-Horror feature film directed by Mike Mendez. The premier of this movie will take place on October 25th in LAinfo.. 

ROBERT MASSER stars for ALLEIN GEGEN DIE ZEIT/AGAINST THE TIME a German feature film project directed by Christian Theede. 
The Premier of this film will take place on October 24th.

ALLEIN GEGEN DIE ZEIT/AGAINST THE TIME directed by Christian Theede (production set picture and a trailer below)

into the spotlight #175

into the spotlight #175

GEORG GEORGI is invited for a panel discussion info.. at the great LES FILMS DE CANNES A BUCAREST 2016 info.., which was founded by absolutely great Romanian director Cristian Mungiu.

Photo by Dominique Willnauer

FIXEUR/FIXERRomanian feature film directed by Adrian Sitaru, will be screened at LES FILMS DE CANNES A BUCAREST 2016. MEDHI NEBBOU has played one of the lead roles in this great movie info..

FIXEUR, directed by Adrian Sitaru (trailer)

STEFANO CASSETTI stared for a feature film SOGNO DI FRANCESCO/DREAM OF FRANCESCO directed by Renaud Fely and Arnaud Louvet, the film is in the Italian cinemas since 6th, Oktober. STEFANO CASSETTI is also shooting for a another french TV series on a TV Channel France 2, called ZONE BLANCHE/WHITE ZONE which will be on TV on 2017.

SOGNO DI FRANCESCO, directed by Renaud Fely and Arnaud Louvet 

MATHILDE IRRMANN  stars for a German TV Channel ZDF for a film called EIN SOMMER IN SÜDFRANKREICH/A SUMMER IN THE SOUTH OF FRANCE directed by Jorgo Papavassiliou. This TV movie will be on air on Sunday, 16th, Oktober at 20:15 Uhr at ZDF/German public TV station.


ELISABETH EHRLICH stars for the hilarious new feature film AFFENKÖNIG/ APE KING directed by Oliver Rihs. This crazy comedy in the tradition of HANGOVER etc was released in German cinema on Oktober 13th.AFFENKÖNIG directed by Oliver Rihs

Elisabeth Ehrlich in the Premier of AFFENKÖNIG, im Kino in der Kulturbrauerei in Berlin on 5th, Oktober